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Queers on Campus

Your back-to-school guide for a gay ol’ time

By Beth Sullivan, August 31, 2018, Features

Well, qweeahs, here we are again: another year at college. One year closer to graduation, and one more year where you vow to ask out that cutie TA from last semester and not your freshman-year fling, again. For some, college is the first time we're able to fully explore our identities, find a larger qmmunity, and dive into the messy, fun world of queers datin' queers. To help turn those back-to-school blues into rainbows, we've rounded up some of the many college resources available to LGBTQ students. These groups work hard to ensure queer collegiates have the resources to make school a (safe) gay ol' time. (Editor's note: We couldn't find a queer student organization for Huston-Tillotson, but we hope this inspires a queer Ram to start one!)

Queer & Trans People of Color Agency

UT's QTPOCA aims to "contribute to the self-empowerment, education, and visibility" of queer and trans people of color on campus via community meetings, activism, and social events. In fact, their annual Bloq Party (tonight, 5pm on the east mall) is the welcome event for UT's qmmunity.

Gamma Rho Lambda

The first all-inclusive LGBTQIA sorority at UT. GRL eschews all the scaries long associated with Greek life (New Balance sneakers, heteronormativity, etc.), and instead helps build bonds for students of any and all sexualities and genders.

Lending Library, UT's Gender and Sexuality Center

Though the GSC is home to a plethora of queer student orgs (see "UT Austin's Gender and Sexuality Center Takes Care of Young Adults"), their lending library is not to be missed. Located in the center, the library houses an ever-expanding collection of LGBTQ-oriented books, magazines, and DVDs, and it's 100% discreet, meaning it's not connected to the UT library system so your name won't be affiliated with anything you check out.


If there's one thing queers know how to do well, it's legal activism, which is what you'll find at UT School of Law's OUTLaw, noted for its social and academic events as well as their work with pro bono programs including the Trans Name and Gender Marker Project, which helps trans folks navigate the name and gender marker change process for free.


St. Ed's goat mascot "Topper" sounds pretty damn queer, but their student org PRIDE (Peers Recognized in Delivering Equality) is even queerer. While the group explicitly doesn't "advocate on political issues" because of the school's Catholic roots, PRIDE is St. Ed's only LGBTQ student org. Their volunteer work with AIDS Walk Austin and stigma awareness campaigns provide invaluable resources for the school's qmmunity.

Gender & Sexuality Alliance

Austin Community College's GSA regularly hosts drag shows, book readings, and more – like brunch and crafting get-togethers. Plus, professor Louisa Spaventa has worked her butt off to bring back her "Queer Writings" Honors English class this fall semester (register at

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