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Visual History: Martha Grenon's AMA Images 1985-2000

By Martha Grenon, March 3, 2017, Features

The Chronicle first published a photo of mine in 1982 – from Graceland, which I'd visited with members of the Joe Ely band. That year began a period where I led two lives: day job, where I earned enough to finance my night job, which was three or four nights a week shooting the music scene. This was back in the darkroom days, so it required a lot more than downloading. 1985 was the first year I got an assignment to cover the Austin Music Awards, which I continued to do through 2000. Having a pass gave me access to backstage, where all the fun and action was. I was on a natural high, getting close-ups of SRV, the Sexton brothers, Roky Erickson, Lucinda Williams, and my muse, Ms. Margaret Moser. Photography is visual history, and I'm happy I was able to capture these moments in time.

Austin Music Awards Gallery 1986-2000

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