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Super Android vs. The Morphs

By Milo X with J.C., May 15, 2015, Features

The story behind the photo shoot, compiled straight from a storyline originally created by Milo, aka Super Android:

Super Android was just walking around snacking on sun butter-and-jelly sandwiches one day, when his eagle-eye vision homed in on a group of Morphs up to no good. The half-human hero, armed with cloning and cloaking powers, immediately beamed himself to the faraway, striped planet, Tenaria ("a lot like Jupiter"). Populated mostly by weird trees – roots of seeing eyeballs, trunks made of arms, and tongue leaves – Tenaria's core is a giant treasure box, holding the galaxy key. The Morphs' evil leader, Black Ranger, was planning mind control to take over!

Operating solo, Super Android, who runs almost as fast as his buddy the Flash, confronted the martial arts-trained Morphs and their firebombs that mask as water balloons. Back and forth for hours, Super Android battled, hurling rogue fireballs back at the furious Black Ranger. Finally, Super Android, weak with hunger (he refused to eat the Tenarian diet of live cockroaches and beetles) and an elbow scrape, saw his advantage and took it.

Within minutes, Super Android climbed atop the pile of grumbling, defeated Morphs, and chained them together with their leader. A true hero, Super Android fitted the group with breathing apparati and hurled them into space.

The end.

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