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What made you sound off, noiselessly

January 6, 2012, Features

1) "The Occupation of Austin: The '99 percent' takes a stand against corporate greed"

News, Oct. 14

2) "Will Texas Be Safe for Romeos and Juliets?: Senate committee recommends not implementing federal sex offender law"

News, Jan. 14

3) "Just Say No!: Rick Perry's approach to sex education has helped Texas boost its teen pregnancy rate"

News, Oct. 28

4) "Why Rail?: The city is pushing for a 2012 vote to build urban rail. The critics are asking, 'Who needs it?'"

News, April 8

5) "Republicans Wrong On Health Care: Dear Editor, The present Republican posturing has enormous implications in opportunity costs ..."

Postmarks, Jan. 11

6) "Safety Net or Dead End?: The politics of Austin animal welfare"

News, Feb. 18

7) "Sturgeon's Revelation: Beating the music business odds at SXSW"

Music, March 4

8) "Perry the Executioner: Texas leads the country in executions, and Rick Perry holds the record tally"

News, Sept. 16

9) "The War on Women's Health: To attack Planned Parenthood, lawmakers undermine health care ... and promote more abortions"

News, April 22

10) "One Last Visit for Mother and Son?: Michael Arena hopes to see his dying mother, even though he's behind bars"

News, July 15

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