Austin Pride 2009

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Thursday 04

MULTIFAITH PRIDE SERVICE The apex of Pride. The openness, the spirit, the display of true acceptance: This is what it's all about. Plus: Capital City Men's Chorus and the MCC Choir singeth and playeth, and Soulforce's Jeff Lutes speaketh. Let us pray! 7pm. University Baptist Church, 2130 Guadalupe, 478-8559. www.aglcc.org.

QUEERS ON A BUS What do you get when you put eight crazy talented queers on a school bus to travel the country? Fingers!! With music, drama, video, miming, fantastical costumes, improv, grease, body parts, and more explosive cod-panties with special guest star Christeene. 7:30pm. Monofonus Press, 610 Vermont. www.gaylordphoenix.com.

Friday 05

THROWIN' IT DOWN L/G STYLE Pre-Pride par-taking of the par-taying with Elizabeth Wills, 6:30-7:30pm, and Nakia & His Southern Cousins, 8-9pm. Come out and hang out with plenty of time to rest up for the big day. 6:30pm. Central Market North, 4001 N. Lamar, 206-1000. www.centralmarket.com.

TEXAS SWINGERS Tejas means friends, right? So, what's a li'l swangin' amongst friends? Especially pals like Project Transitions, who is fundraising to keep fab and essential services flowing to our friends living with HIV/AIDS? Get your tickets now! 7pm. Saengerrunde Hall, 1607 San Jacinto, 454-8646. $40 ($35, advance). aidshous@projecttransitions.org, www.projecttransitions.org.

THE ADVENTURES OF PRISCILLA, QUEEN OF THE DESERT Movie. Costume contest. Dance party. All for the Austin Gay & Lesbian International Film Festival. We are so there. The L Styliez and AustinOnStage.com host the front-end partay, and we host the after (see below). Don't miss the Fluid Party Bus, the crazy disco, or the pretty. You'll be sorry if you do. 8pm. Paramount Theatre, 713 Congress, 472-5470. www.agliff.org.

THE MAJESTIC PRE-Pride Party 8pm. Paramount Theatre, 713 Congress, 472-5470. www.agliff.org.

ALLGO PRIDE DANCE Put on you dancin' pants, then dance your pants off pre-Pride at the hottest dance party on the Eastside with DJ Angel Rivera. Why don't we ALL GO? 9pm-2am. Victory Grill, 1104 E. 11th, 472-2001. www.allgo.org.

MOCHA, WOODY, & HOLLY: TOGETHER AGAIN If there were a Lezbo Rat Pack, this might be it. The harnessed comedic power of Mocha Jean Herrup, the phantasmagoric pulchritude that is Woody B. Goode (goodie! goodie!), all emceed by that silly-pants with the hair, Holly Lorka. Oh, and: The mighty triumvirate is but a mere appetizer for juicy entrée Dana Goldberg. 9pm. Light Bar, 408 Congress, 473-8544. www.missmanagedproductions.com.

KICK IT OFF AT THE CAN With DJ Tony Moran. Just ask Beyoncé, Cher, Donna Summer, or La Brit. He spins them right 'round, and he can you, too. 10pm. Oilcan Harry's, 211 W. Fourth, 320-8823. www.djtonymoran.com.

NEW YORK DOLLS David Jo' & Co. smear some lipschtick traces all ova' yo' assss. Why? 'Cause they sez so. How perfectly queeeeah. 10pm. Emo's, 603 Red River, 505-8541. www.nydolls.org.

PARTY WITH THE GP After Priscilla takes her queenie-ass pump down off the bus, roll over to the Spur and say, "Hey!" to the Gay Place. 10pm. Rusty Spurs, 405 E. Seventh, 482-9002. austinchronicle.com/gayplaceblog.

EARLY BEADS SALES FOR PRIDE! (GUERRILLA STYLE) If you are pre-Pride partying Downtown, keep an eye peeled for those scamps from AGLCC. They’ll be out in force, hitting the bars, selling Pride commemorative beads, your admission to all the Saturday fun. 9pm-2am. Oilcan Harry’s, Rain on 4th, Charlie’s Austin, Rusty Spurs.www.austinpride.org.

Saturday 06

MEET AT CITY HALL BEFORE PRIDE! Equality NOW Rally & March. Scope out politically conscious hotten-totties, then stroll on over to the Pride fest posthaste. 2:30pm. City Hall, 301 W. Second.

Equality NOW March & Rally Hustle on down and meet at City Hall to voice your support for the community and advocate for equality in all areas of society: most topically, marriage. Or simply scope out politically conscious hotten-totties, then stroll on over to the Pride fest posthaste. 2:30pm. City Hall, 301 W. Second.

ALLIED PRIDE Discounts for official Pride bead-wearers all day Saturday! Where? Blu Cafe (360 Nueces): 10% discount. BoConcept (430 W. Second): free wine. Cantina Laredo (201 W. Third): 10% off dine-in. Froots (415 W. Second): 10% discount. Teuscher (409 W. Second): 25% off all beverages. Z Pizza (452 W. Second): 20% discount. Eat, drink, and be fairies! www.aglcc.org.

VERY IMPORTANT PRIDE VIP access, baby! Here is your ticket to the big time! Special access to a special lounge with special food and special drinkiewinkies. Plus! A special parade viewing zone and special goodies for very, very, very special people. Yes, there is still time to get in on this Pride ... special. $100.

Austin Pride 2009

PRIDE FESTIVAL 2009 Hey hot queers and friends of the family! It's time to get the heck down to Downtown to show our stuff and throw some love to our beloved Austin, a city so accepting and supportive of our community. New, improved format! New location! Now with 25% less sweat! Come see what else is new at the Austin Gay & Lesbian Chamber of Commerce's revamped Pride. Comic Holly Lorka, drag kings Kings N Things, Belinda Carroll, the legendary Austin Babtist Women, and musical guests Show Me Tiger!, Kari K., and Jacinta will rock it on the main stage, and every community group and queer-friendly business and booth you can shake a rainbow flag at will be on hand to make sure you sweat at least a little. Admission is only $5 this year and includes free commemorative beads. Festival gates open at 4pm. Republic Square Park, 422 Guadalupe, Fourth & Guadalupe (see map). 974-6700.pride@aglcc.org, www.austinpride.org.

BEADS! BEADS! BEADS! (PRIDE ADMISSION) AGLCC will be on the festival grounds at Republic Square Park selling special Pride commemorative beads, which also serve as your ticket to enter all Pride fanciness. This year, it's so affordable, even a caveman can party. Also available at the gate all day and night. $5.

WHO'S YR PRIDE DADDY? The Gay Place! Come visit us at our booth. Look for us in the parade, and get out your catcher's mitt. We gots more pink unicorns. Republic Square, 422 Guadalupe & Downtown parade route, 454-5766. Free. gayplace@austinchronicle.com, austinchronicle.com/gayplaceblog.

Austin Pride 2009

PRIDE PARADE 2009 The graceful color guard (we get throat lumps every year), dykes on bikes, and fag-o-tots – everybody and their mother and papi comes out for the parade. Starting from the south end of the First Street Bridge, going up Congress Avenue, and snaking around to Republic Square Park, all the proud pageantry (not to mention all the purrrdy pink unicorns and hard-earned Mardi Gras beads that a certain ... um, "GeePee" will be tossing from convertibles, never mind the Twinkies) is not to be missed. Emcee wonderboy Stuart Moulton will jock the VIP lounge, and the elegantly sassy Murrah Noble rocks the mic at Rain and Oilcan Harry's. 8:30pm. Downtown.

FOODIES @ PRIDE You can't keep a good woman down. Unless, of course, you mean down South. Well, when it comes to watching the Pride Parade, all good foodies know the only way to go is west. Go 219 West, young woman, and enjoy an annual tradition. Plan to get there early to reserve your spot on the patio. 5pm. 219 West, 219 W. Fourth, 474-2194. beatsagogo@aol.com, www.myspace.com/foodies_kitty.

CONSPIRARE, A SPIRITUAL EXPERIENCE All of Conspirare (the professional chamber choir), the Symphonic Choir, and the Youth Choirs will be performing as one in Rock My Soul, an evening of African-American spirituals, West African chant, and American blues featuring the transcendent brilliance of Hannibal Lokumbe, James Polk, Michael Stevens, and Tom Burritt. Sat., June 6, 8pm; Sun., June 7, 2pm. Long Center for the Performing Arts, 701 W. Riverside, 457-5100. www.conspirare.org.

PRIDE AFTERPARTY Once the parade winds its way Downtown and ends back up at Republic Square Park, the fun starts all over as AGLCC puts the thing down, flips it, and reverses it with comic Allie Rolison, Grrlz Will Be Boiz, the United Court of Austin, and DJ Bryan Conrad. Same stage, just fewer heat strokes and a lot drunker. 10pm-12mid. Republic Square Park, 422 Guadalupe.

VELVET CITY BI/LEZ PRIDE AFTER-AFTERPARTY Any of you ladies want to take your velvet city over to the after-afterparty? 11pm. Rusty Spurs, 405 E. Seventh, 482-9002. www.therustyspurs.com.

GIRL IN A COMA Oh, Phanie! Oh, Nina! Oh, Jenn! This hot San Antonio trio brings its new Blackheart Records release, Trio B.C., a few miles up the highway to show Austin some love. Emo's, 603 Red River, 505-8541. www.emosaustin.com, www.girlinacoma.com.

LADY MISS KIER, F'REALZ? Sooooooooo: The groove is in the Fly? Kiss & Fly, 404 Colorado, 476-7799. Free. www.kissandflyaustin.com.

THE PINKER TONES ¿El Professor Manso y Señor Furia? ¡Sí, sí, sí! The Scoot Inn, 1308 E. www.thepinkertones.com.


The Rocky Horror Picture Show @ Alamo Drafthouse Village, 12mid.

Sunday 07

SUNRISE BRUNCH (AT 11:30am!) Oops! We made a boo-boo regarding the origin of Sunrise, but you can still think of it as "a new day to shed light." Join keynoter Annise Parker, Houston city controller and Houston mayoral candidate, and Austin's moving, shaking, big queer power base. Yummy. 11:30am. Austin Woman's Club/North-Evans Chateau, 708 San Antonio, 474-5475. $50. www.equalitytexas.org/content.aspx?id=581#315.

BLOCKOFF: THE OUTYOUTH HOUSE PARTY Come out all you little lezzies and gaylets. Keep the queer times a-rollin' with this Sunday house party for the younger set. 4-8:30pm. Out Youth, 909 E. 49 1/2, 419-1233. www.outyouth.org.

BEACH PARTY Time for some R&R after some hard Pride nights. Do tropical drinks count as R&R? Rusty Spurs, 405 E. Seventh. www.therustyspurs.com.

BIRDS BARBERSHOP PRIDE Take your butt and your Pride entry beads over to Birds for $5 off your next chop. June 7-13. All locations. mark@birdsbarbershop.com, www.birdsbarbershop.com.

SABA GAY CAFE Haaaaay! Sunday Night Social is bringing out the classy gay for elegant, four-course dining. If you stay classy after dessert is all up to you. Saba Blue Water Cafe, 208 W. Fourth, 478-7222. www.sabacafe.com.

PRIME TIMERS LIKE FINE WINE Mature gay men meet monthly. Helllllllooooooo, daddy. 2pm. Austin History Center, 810 Guadalupe, 892-3588. Free. www.austinptww.org.

SUNDAY SUPER SHOW Jame Perry, the Men of Manwatch, DJ Danny, dollar drafts, and free chalupas (4-8pm)??? Where have you been all my life? Charlie's Austin, 1301 Lavaca, 474-6481. www.charliesaustin.com.

T-DANCE WITH HEDDA LAYNE Sunday means a patio of barbecued goodies, beefcaked compatriots, and the ambient musical genius of one Ms. Hedda Layne. It's Rain's Sunday T-Dance, and it only happens once a month. (Bonus: Stay late for Eighties Night.) Rain on 4th, 217 W. Fourth, 494-1150. www.rainon4th.com, www.heddalayne.com.

YOGI, MEET BOO BOO So much more than a "pic-a-nic basket": Enjoy a free lunch buffet and $1 drafts at RCC's weekly Chub Chaser Bear Cub experience. Free food for baby bears! 1-9pm. Rainbow Cattle Co., 305 W. Fifth, 472-5288. www.rainbowcattleco.com.


Monday 08

BT LIVE Weekly live music at everybody's fave up-north gay bar. It's ... 'bout time. Mondays, 9pm. 'Bout Time, 9601 N. I-35, 832-5339. www.bouttimeaustin.com.

MANTIE MONDAYS Get your undies in a wad for the Wet Underwear Contest. Kelly Kline hosts, and the Manwatch Dancers set the standard for the competition. Mondays. Charlie's Austin, 1301 Lavaca, 474-6481.

Tuesday 09

FREE HIV/STD TESTING Keep it clean, fellas! Tuesdays, 1-3pm & 8-11pm. Midtowne Spa, 5815 Airport, 302-9696. www.midtowne.com.

WILD WEST CASINO Shuffle up and deal, or let the cards play as they lay, as they say. Rusty Spurs, 405 E. Seventh, 482-9002. www.therustyspurs.com.

STEAK, CHOCOLATES & TAKE IT ALL OFF Steak night every Tuesday, now featuring filet mignon and enchiladas. Save room for Chocolates for Charity, courtesy the United Court (kiss Mona and Rona for us!). Stay late for Jame Perry's original amateur strip-off. Tuesdays, 6pm & 12mid. Charlie's Austin, 1301 Lavaca, 474-6481. www.charliesaustin.com.

Wednesday 10

GAY & LESBIAN LEATHER SOCIAL meets the second Wednesday of every month. Grrrrr. Creak. Rainbow Cattle Co., 305 W. Fifth, 472-5288.

W4W Is it a coincidence that CP's ladies night falls on Hump Day? Dollar burgers, dollar drafts. Go! Go! Wednesdays, 9pm. The Cockpit, 113 San Jacinto, 457-8010. www.cockpitaustin.com.

Now ...

AGLCC MEMBERSHIP So much for so little: your business listing on the premier Austin LGBT site (garnering 60,000 page views per month), a quarterly glossy publication, and a slew of in-person networking opportunities, including the big daddy of them all: Pride. 474-4422. $125 per year. membership@aglcc.org, www.aglcc.org.

KINO REDRAWN Some love Kino (GP loves Kino). Some hate Kino (haterz). Redesign him/her, and you just might win a Director Membership to Austin Gay & Lesbian International Film Festival. Here are the musts: Must be dressed in red. Must look like a movie usher. Must be ambiguous in gender. Must have four fingers (as all cartoons should). Must be in vector graphic format only (no bitmaps accepted). Deadline: Wed., July 1. kino@agliff.org, www.agliff.org/kino.

& Later

PRIDE WOMEN'S DANCE Ladies in skirts. Ladies in pants. We aren't exactly ladies, but we wanna dance. No word on the DJ or bar situation though we are sure there will be both. Go see what all the hush is about. Fri. June 12. Fiesta Gardens, 2101 Bergman, 474-5475. www.equalitytexas.org.

5 FOR 40 Come kick off Pride San Antonio by celebrating the 40th anniversary of the Stone Wall Riots. Don't forget your throwin' heels. Fri., June 12. Candlelight House San Antonio. www.candlelightsa.com.

UNITED COURT OF AUSTIN PRIDE EXTRAVAGAYZA All hail the Queen! All hail the King! Ah hell, get your tail over to the UCA Pride Show benefiting local charities. Sat., June 13. Charlie's Austin, 1301 Lavaca, 750-2100. www.unitedcourtofaustin.org.

OMG! O-N-G-I-N-A! So fresh you'll think you're seeing the future. GP fav and RuPaul's Drag Race contestant Ongina, will you give us fashion tips please? Sun., June 14. Oilcan Harry's, 211 W. Fourth, 320-8823. www.oilcanharrys.com.

PRIDE FEST SAN ANTONIO 2009 San Antonio comes out in a big way with a Pride festival with more than 10,000 people expected. Sat., June 13, 12pm-10pm. HemisFair Park, San Antonio. www.pridefestsatx.com.

PRIDE HOUSTON 2009 You will have done Austin and San Antonio, you might as well make it a trifecta and head out to the Pride festival at 11am and parade at 8:30pm. Sat., June 27, 11am. Westheimer and Waugh, 713/529-6979. www.pridehouston.org.

SHANNEL & MISS GAY U.S. OF A! And RuPaul's Drag Race contestant is the only beauty queen we care to mention. Wed., June 17. Oilcan Harry's, 211 W. Fourth, 320-8823. www.oilcanharrys.com.

GET YOUR HOUSE IN ORDER Everything you ever want or need to know about same-sex property ownership in Texas tied up with a nice little bow by the Nelson Project. Thu., June 18, 6:30pm. 1801 MoPac S., second floor. thenelsonproject.yourkwagent.com.

PRIDE MEN'S DANCE So you think you can prance? Go show them all how men boogie down with each other, and do a shoulder shake or two for us. It's a nice respite from the "scene," yet still packed with Chicken George and plenty o' boo-tay. Fri., June 19, 8pm. Fiesta Gardens, 2101 Bergman, 474-5475. www.equalitytexas.org.

WELDON HENSON LIVE A country cutie with a fine booty crooning for your dancing and listening pleasure. Fri., June 19. Rusty Spurs, 405 E. Seventh, 482-9002. www.therustyspurs.com.

TEXAS DRUM CORPS PREVIEW Oh, honey, I have seen the uniforms, and they are fagulous! Go for the fashion; stay for the flags. Sat., June 20, 7:30pm. Texas state Capitol building. www.austinstars.org.

WHO'S YOUR DADDY CONTEST HOSTED BY MR. HOT Grrrrraaarrr! A daddy contest sponsored by Mr. H.O.T. Polar Bear 2009? There ain't nothing cold about that. Sat., June 20, 9pm. Chain Drive, 504 Willow, 480-9017. www.heartoftexasbears.org.

CAP CITY MEN'S CHORUS AND GAY CHORUS OF HOUSTON: JOINT CONCERT? Huh? Oh, jointly produced ... Sat., June 20, 9pm. First United Methodist Church, 1201 Lavaca, 478-5684. www.ccmcaustin.org.

SIN6 Join sexy celebs Elizabeth Keener (L Word), Jamie Lauren (Top Chef), and supa sassay spinnah DJ Dirty Kurty for a night of naughty (21+). Sat., June 20, 9pm. Austin Music Hall, 208 Nueces, 263-4146. Free. rfindlay@girls goneclean.com, www.missmanagedproductions.com, www.ticketalternative.com.

KATHY GRIFFIN We've got tickets. Yes, we do. We've got tickets. How about you? No? Well come see us at Pride fest, and we'll see if we can't work something out. Thu., July 9, 8pm. Long Center for the Performing Arts, 701 W. Riverside, 482-0800. www.thelongcenter.org.

WANDA SYKES Fresh from the president's nipples, she's hot, she's newly out, and she's comin' to getcha. Sat., July 11, 7pm. Austin Music Hall, 208 Nueces, 263-4146. www.austinmusichall.com.

The rest of the month of June is loaded with Pride and Pride-related events. For the full list, check out austinchronicle.com/gayplace.

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