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By Kate X Messer and Kate Getty, March 14, 2008, Features

HEY, SAILOR Here for a conference? Desperately seeking a whiff of pink or rainbow? Wanna know where Your People at? Welcome home, Homo: This is the Gay Place. Let our listings, our Gay Place blog, and our gAyTX Fun Guide be your SXSW tour guides. Feel free to contact us with your queer bits and tips as well. 454-5766.,,,

ERASURE & BOYZ II MEN Are not playing SXSW, as far as we know (although with all the reunited geezers in town, who knows?), but Erase Errata's Jenny Hoyston and two-thirds of Le Tigre in the form of DJ sensation Men shall play today and a number of gigs this week. Dang. Jenny H.: Thu., March 13, 1am, Habana Calle 6, 709 E. Sixth, 443-4252. Men: Thu., March 13, 11pm, Pangaea, 409 Colorado, 472-8882; Sat., March 15, 12mid, Karma Lounge, 119 W. Eighth, 469-0504.

FAGGY FILM FLICKAGE Wandering the highways and the bi-ways of ambisexuality? Looking for a bit of peace, love, and understanding in what can be a cruel and two-faced best of both worlds? Check out Brittany Blockman and Josephine Decker's faboo Bi the Way for one last showing, today, at the Dobie. If you wrap it up in this risky age of the scrump, you might take heart in Richard Berkowitz's story. After witnessing the AIDS epidemic take over the queer 1980s party vibe, the once-S&M-hustler decided to do something. He wanted to inform, even if the world wasn't yet ready to listen. Sex Positive, the documentary that covers his tale (and yours, if you take heed), will make you think, before you twink ... or bear ... or bareback. Bi the Way: Thu., March 13, 6:30pm. Dobie Theatre, 2021 Guadalupe, 472-3456. Sex Positive: Fri., March 14, 9pm. Austin Convention Center, 500 E. Cesar Chavez, 404-4000.

LESBIAN SAFE SEX Sure, there are tons of sexy dykes in town just ready for a hit-n-quit hop in the sack. But remember, lesbian safe sex is more than just crossing the fingers on one of your hands. Hint: If she's in line for Ryan Cabrera or Bo Bice ... think twice. Unless, of course, you are in that same line ... Gay Place, OUT!

SPRINGTIME IN PEREZ Some of the craziest parts of SXSW are the offshoots that aren't even really part of the deal. This one is a big, nationally sponsored, gay (and gay-friendly) lineup, with and Perez Hilton rumored to be sniffing around. SHOUT Magazine, thank you for the music. Thu., March 13, 8pm-2am. Oilcan Harry's, 211 W. Fourth, 320-8823; Rain on 4th, 217 W. Fourth, 494-1150.,

SHUNDA K: THE HARDEST-WORKING FEMALE AT SOUTH-BI All the way from F-L-A, Yo Majesty madame Shunda K sent us her schedule, and it was like, she couldn't have penciled in one more show. She's all over the damn place. One hour here, the next hour there, salting up the city with some of the hardest hitting rhymes ever spit. Over and over and over again, backed by Austin's own DJ Orion, doing what he do. Pretty glorious. But somebody let that girl take a nap. Or go see her, at least once. We plan a Grateful Dead-inspired trek across the city to see as many as we can ... (But, please note that her listed performance at the Cockpit is actually gonna pop off around 1am, not 8pm. She's got a lot to juggle, so she's sorry it's wrong ... but her words, "Hell yeah, I can swing that," say it all.) She ready. We ready. Be ready. Check her site for all the mess of shows not to miss.

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