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A SXSW online extra

By Kate Getty and Kate X Messer, March 17, 2006, Features

Howdy, friends, and welcome to this Very Special Gay Place, wherein your buds, Kate & K8 extend a heapin' helpin' of Texas-friendly to our guests in for SXSW, with chats, pics, blog entries, interviews, and a few other special things. Gay Place, the Chronicle's weekly queer events calendar is the place to check out the best of GLBTQ Austin. We also maintain the handy and extremely dandy Austin Chronicle gAyTX Fun Guide, a regional gay guide of sorts, and invite you to check into all queer Texas has to offer during your stay here!

If you'd like to contact Kate and/or K8 during your stay, call 454-5766 or email us at

Have a great conference, y'all. – Kate & K8

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