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2004 Austin Parks & Recreation Pool Schedule

May 7, 2004, Features

The first day of AISD's summer vacation is Thursday, May 27. Most of the neighborhood pools open that week or the next and stay open through either Aug. 8 or Aug. 15. Some (marked with t) stay open for extra weekends through Labor Day.

Please note that the schedule is subject to change throughout the season and that hours vary wildly from pool to pool. Any hours listed below are consistent through the listed dates (with bulleted exceptions). For specific hours, location map PDFs, and other info including PARD's swimming and diving classes, check online at or call the City of Austin Aquatics Division information line at 974-9331 (individual municipal pool numbers also listed below).

Daily Fees

Municipal Pools: Adult $3; junior $2 (12-17); child $1 (11 & under)
Barton Springs: Adult $3; junior $2; child $1 (free swim, 5-8am and 8-10pm)
Neighborhood Pools and Stacy Pool: Free

80-Punch Swim Ticket(approximately 13 admissions)

$32 (about 20% discount off entry fees) May be used by all ages and is transferable.

Unlimited Summer Pass (Memorial Day through Labor Day – extended for year-round pools)

Nontransferable. Adult $180, junior $120, child $60, family of four $350 (replacement fee $5), senior $60, medical credentials ID $50. Fall pass $100.

Municipal & Year-round PoolsDates
Barton Springs, 2201 Barton Springs Rd., 476-9044Year-round, 5am-10pmClosed Thu., 9am-7pm
Stacy, 800 E. Live Oak, 445-0304Year-round (Free)Daily, 6am-8pm =
Bartholomew, 1800 E. 51st, 928-0014May 29-Aug. 15 Daily, 10am-9pm * =
Deep Eddy, 401 Deep Eddy Dr., 472-8546Feb. 7-Oct. 31Daily, 8am-9pm
Garrison, 6001 Manchaca, 442-4048May 29-Aug. 15Daily, 8am-9pm * +
Mabel Davis, 3427 Parker Ln., 441-5247May 29-Aug. 15 Daily, 9am-9pm *
Northwest, 7000 Ardath, 453-0194April 17-Sept. 12Daily, 8am-10pm *
Walnut Creek, 12138 N. Lamar, 834-0824May 15-Aug. 15Daily, 8am-9pm +
Neighborhood Pools
Balcones, 12017 AmhurstMay 29-Aug. 15Daily, 7am-9pm * +
Brentwood, 6710 Arroyo SecaMay 31-Aug. 8Daily, 10am-7:30pm * +
Canyon Vista, 8455 Spicewood Springs Dr. May 31-Aug. 8Daily, 8am-9pm * +
Civitan, 513 VargasJune 6-Aug. 8Daily, 1-6pm =
Dick Nichols, 8011 BeckettMay 15-Aug. 15Daily, 7am-9pm * +
Dittmar, 1009 DittmarMay 29-Aug. 15Daily, 7am-9pm *+
Dottie Jordan, 2803 LoyolaJune 3-Aug. 15Daily, 9am-8pm * +
Dove Springs, 5701 Ainez Dr.June 2-Aug. 15Daily, noon-8pm *
Gillis, 2501 S. FirstJune 6-Aug. 8Daily, noon-6pm
Givens, 3811 E. 12thJune 6-Aug. 8Daily, 1-7pm
Govalle, 5200 BolmJune 5-Aug. 8Daily, noon-7pm
Kealing, 1500 RosewoodJune 6-Aug. 8Daily, 1-6pm
Kennemer, 1032 Peyton Gin Rd.June 3-Aug. 8Daily, noon-7pm
Martin, 1626 Festival Beach Rd.June 3-Aug. 8Daily, 1-7pm
Metz, 2407 CanterburyMay 31-Aug. 15Daily, noon-7pm * =
Montopolis, 1200 MontopolisJune 3-Aug. 8Daily, noon-7pm *
Murchison, 3700 North HillsMay 31-Aug. 8Daily, 8am-8pm *
Palm, 201 N. I-35June 6-Aug. 1Sun.-Fri., 2-7pm
Parque Zaragoza, 800 PedernalesMay 31-Aug. 8Daily, noon-7pm
Patterson, 1400 WilshireMay 31-Aug .8Daily, noon-7pm
Ramsey, 4201 Burnet Rd.May 27-Aug. 15 Daily, 7am-8pm *
Reed, 2600 PecosMay 29-Aug. 15Daily, 8am-8pm =
Rosewood, 1182 Pleasant ValleyJune 5-Aug. 8Daily, noon-7pm
Shipe, 4400 Avenue GMay 29-Aug. 15Daily, 7am-8pm + =
St. John’s, 889 WilkesJune 6-Aug. 1Mon.-Sat., noon-4:30pm
West Enfield, 2000 EnfieldMay 30-Aug. 15Daily, 7am-9pm =
Wading Pools
Bailey, 1101 W. 33rdJune 9-Aug. 1Sun.-Fri., 1-4pm
Bartholomew, 1800 E. 51stJune 9-Aug. 1Mon.-Fri., 11am-3pm
Civitan, 513 VargasJune 9-July 29Tue.-Sun., 2-4pm
Clarksville, 1811 W. 11thJune 9-Aug. 15Tue.-Sun., 10am-noon and 6-8pm
Eastwoods, 3001 Harris Park Ave.June 9-Aug. 15Tue.-Sun., 3-7pm *
Metz Water Playground, 2407 CanterburyMay 31-Aug. 15Daily, 11am-8pm
Odom, 1009 SaherraJune 9-Aug. 1Tue.-Sun., 3-6pm
Pan American, 2100 E. ThirdJune 9-Aug. 1Mon.-Sat., 1-4pm
Pease, 1600 ParkwayJune 9-Aug. 1Mon.-Fri., 11am-2pm
Ricky Guerrero, 500 BrodieJune 9-Aug. 1Mon.-Fri., 1-4pm
Shipe, 4400 Avenue GJune 5-Aug. 15Daily, 11am-6pm
Stacy, 800 E. Live OakJune 5-Aug. 15Daily, noon-7pm
West Austin, 1317 W. 10thJune 9-Aug. 1Tue.-Sun., noon-7pm

* See Web site for abbreviated weekend hours
+ See Web site for minor schedule variations in weekday hours in May and August
= Separate wading pool has its own schedule; see Wading Pools section

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