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for Thu., May 27
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    Visual Arts

    Davis Gallery: Nuevo Mundo

    Now here's a show that's well worth seeing: The new exhibition from Gladys Poorte, displaying paintings and drawings of a new world populated with unknown peoples, animals, and plants. A world rife with untold treasures and dangers. A place, as wrought so colorfully by Poorte, that it might've been the homeworld for that legendary Codex Seraphinianus.
    Through June 12
  • Community


    Dress for Success Austin Virtual Restaurant Series

    Nonprofit DFSA is partnering with four ATX staples to support Austin women and local restaurants and bring you delicious meals all month. Dinner for two will include a basket with wine or Tito's cocktails and either precooked dinners or prepped-to-cook ingredients with instructions. You'll Zoom in with the restaurant of the week for a chat about the meal and drink pairing, plus inspiring news from DFSA, which provides career support and business attire to women striving for financial independence.
    Thursdays in May, 6:30pm. $100 per week; $325 for four-part series.  
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    Heroic Dose

    Surely those Rude Mechs aren't planning on treating everyone to a hit of acid on Bicycle Day, right? Surely this latest multimedia, assorted-deliveries, unique community engagement project of theirs will only suggest or roughly replicate the effects of that psychedelic experience? Although who the fuck knows, these days? Especially since this is the award-winning, wholly entertaining, and paradigm-twisting Rudes we're talking about? Listen: "We will create an artistic circle of insight in which members will receive messages, signs, experiences, medicine, prayers, happenings and access to insights now and thru the near and far futures. These communications will begin but not be limited to the USPS, electronic mail, phone calls, gatherings, bonfires, scripture, visitations and visions. This ceremony does not promise us absolute truth. However, art can arise throughout our journeys and change can follow as that art is integrated into our daily lives in this urban jungle." Our professional recommendation: Get on it, voyager.
    It's already begun and it runs until, oh god, it could really be whatever. Pay what you can.  
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    Visual Arts

    Recspec Gallery: Quarantine Drawings

    New drawings created during pandemic quarantine by that maestro of color and balance, Adrian Landon Brooks.
    Debuting on Instagram: Sat., May 8, noon  
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    The Mysterious Affair at Styles

    Austin Playhouse's own Lara Toner Haddock has gone and adapted Agatha Christie's first published novel? Yes – and this debut opus features none other than the sharply mustachio'd Hercule Poirot. Featuring a sockdolager cast – Ben Wolfe (as Poirot himself), Scott Shipman, Toby Minor, Lara Toner, Sarah Chong Harmer, Sarah Fleming Walker, Ben Bazaěn, Robert Deike, Joseph Garlock, Babs George, Claire Grasso, Huck Huckaby, Marc Pouhé, Ken Webster, and Cyndi Williams – directed by that same Haddock, this murder mystery may be just what you need to transition out of the pandemic and into a semblance of former normalcy. Note: "Employing a hybrid method of theatrical filming, actors will be captured using both cinematic and traditional live performance approaches. To enhance the experience, early purchasers will electronically receive exclusive clues designed for the virtual whodunnit." Available for online viewing with live Q&As after each performance, and – regardez-vous! – here's a video trailer for the show.
    May 21-June 5. Thu.-Sun., 7:30pm. $15-18.  
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    Visual Arts

    Wally Workman Gallery: Spring and All

    "Patrick Puckett's paintings are known for their bold colors and strong leisurely figures, executed with confident interaction between paint application, shape, color and texture." Like, the feeling you get when you've had your second vaccine, and you've suffered through that One Day of Bleh, and now, even though there's still a pandemic going on, you feel so much safer and ready to take on the world again, just as things are starting to reopen and spring is launching into its brightest phase of green beauty before summer comes a-blazing down our paths again? That feeling? This show – Puckett's work in general – captures that feeling. Welcome yourself back to Austin, we suggest, at the Workman Gallery sometime this month.
    Through May 29
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