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for Mon., April 26
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    Luck Summit: Planting the Seed

    Willie Nelson and Luck Presents' multi-day virtual summit seeks to destigmatize, educate, and promote cannabis culture in an informative and entertaining way. Hosted by Nathaniel Rateliff, advocates will discuss the plant from a political, ethics, economic, wellness, community, industry, and science point of view. It's the marquee event of the "High Holidays," a cannabis celebration that begins on 4/20 and ends on Willie's birthday, April 29, and benefits the Cannabis Voter Project.
    April 26-29  
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      Arts & Culture

      Cured (2020)

      Queer Spectrum Series: The doc takes viewers inside the campaign that ultimately led the American Psychiatric Association to remove “homosexuality” from its list of mental illnesses in 1973. Don't miss the post-screening Q&A on Thu., April 22, between the filmmakers, Transgender Education Network of Texas Executive Director Emmett Schelling, aGLIFF Artistic Director Bears Rebecca Fonté, and others.
      Screening & live Q&A: Thu., April 22, 7pm; screening period: Thu.-Wed., April 22-28. Members, free; nonmembers, $12.  
      Online: www.agliff.org
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      Dear V

      BLiPSWiTCH welcomes you to the Curtain Theatre to experience Dear V, where contemporary dance will take center stage for the first time in the history of this outdoor Shakespearean theater on Lake Austin. Drawing on historical and literary themes, five female dancers "embrace the obscurity and contradictions of the human experience, illuminating the prismatic complexity, valor and rawness of the feminine sublime." Featuring Henna Chou and Drew Silverman performing a live original score, with Claire Brunelli, Celeste Camfield, Taryn Lavery, Alex Miller, and Amy Myers embodying the movements.
      Through May 4. Sun., 5pm; Mon.-Tue., 6:30pm. $25.  
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      Heroic Dose

      Surely those Rude Mechs aren't planning on treating everyone to a hit of acid on Bicycle Day, right? Surely this latest multimedia, assorted-deliveries, unique community engagement project of theirs will only suggest or roughly replicate the effects of that psychedelic experience? Although who the fuck knows, these days? Especially since this is the award-winning, wholly entertaining, and paradigm-twisting Rudes we're talking about? Listen: "We will create an artistic circle of insight in which members will receive messages, signs, experiences, medicine, prayers, happenings and access to insights now and thru the near and far futures. These communications will begin but not be limited to the USPS, electronic mail, phone calls, gatherings, bonfires, scripture, visitations and visions. This ceremony does not promise us absolute truth. However, art can arise throughout our journeys and change can follow as that art is integrated into our daily lives in this urban jungle." Our professional recommendation: Get on it, voyager.
      It's already begun and it runs until, oh god, it could really be whatever. Pay what you can.  
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      Hold Me Well

      Shrewd Productions presents this virtual world premiere of Eva Suter’s sci-fi re-envisioning of Shakespeare's Othello, depicting "a desolate, Central Texas inhabited solely by women after a catastrophic war has eradicated the male population. With the threat of another war and a new romance quickly unfolding before them, five women bound by the tragedy must entrust their lives to one another in order to save themselves and humanity." (Well, damn – count us in on that action, tyvm.) Directed by Rudy Ramirez, starring Ellie McBride, Hayley Armstrong, Elizabeth Mason, Emily Rankin, and Taylor Flanagan. Note: Click here to view the original trailer for the show.
      Through April 30. $8.  
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      Out of Town

      Lights Out for Wildlife

      Several major migratory flyways pass through Texas. Every spring and fall, millions of birds pass through the state. Many birds fly at night, but can become disoriented by bright lights. Texans can help solve this problem by turning off non-essential lights late at night during the peak of migratory season.
      Through May 7, 11pm-6am  
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      Civic Events

      May 1 Special Election Early Voting

      Cast your ballot anywhere you see a "Vote Here/Vote Aquí" sign. Read the latest on local races on our Elections Page; need help making up your mind? Check out our endorsements and get to the polls!
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