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    Arts & Culture

    "We'll Just Rock For Ourselves" Virtual Exhibit

    The Austin History Center's phenomenal 2018 exhibit on the late photographer Lisa Davis is now available online for your viewing pleasure. Davis' photos and videos capture the grrrls grrrls grrrls of Austin's lezzie rock scene in the Nineties. Revisit our review of the exhibit here, and don't forget to check out our interview with former Chronicle senior editor and "Gay Place" founder Kate X Messer, who was a key figure in curating her collection.
  • Community


    2021 Austin Weird Homes Tour

    This year, explore a curated program of wonderfully weird Austin-area homes through high-quality videos, then attend a live, virtual Q&A panel with some of the homeowners to ask your burning questions. Tickets for the tour are $25 per device or $45 for a ticket plus the bestselling coffeetable book Weird Homes: The People and Places That Keep Austin Strangely Wonderful. A portion of the proceeds goes to nonprofit LifeWorks, an org dedicated to ending youth homelessness.
    Sat., May 15, 3pm. $25.  
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    Visual Arts

    A05 Gallery: Todd Talks

    Ao5's director Todd Gresley interviews a new artist each week in this livestreamed video series from the popular south Austin gallery.
    Thursdays, 2pm  
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    Esther's Follies

    You don't have to slog your way through Dirty Sixth anymore, citizen – you can catch the arch antics and musical mayhem of the Esther's crew on video as they unleash fresh new sketches and songs and more about the hottest topics of the day. And there's all sorts of behind-the-scenes extras now, too, and it's all available via their Patreon page. You need to laugh right about now, so this is a good idea, right? And sports are important, sure they are, but wouldn't you rather be a local comedy supporter than a local athletic supporter? [*pauses for response, hears only crickets*] Right – leaving it to these professionals, then.
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    Visual Arts

    ICOSA Gallery: Vessel

    Here's a show of new works by Alyssa Taylor Wendt and Brooke Gassiot, a gathering of diverse and inhabited forms, wherein the acclaimed creators examine "the containers of spiritual and mnemonic residue" via video installation, staged production stills, drawing, performance, and sculpture.
    Through May 8
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    Visual Arts

    Inspired Minds Art Center: Digibilities

    This is out in Buda, yes – but it's Leslie Kell. The digital artist presents her works from the Other Side collection and her mesmerizing video art. Bonus: Art in a diversity of mediums by Lisa Zinna, Chalda Maloff, Caroline Walker, Paul McGuire, and Ronald Gross.
    Through April 17  
    Inspired Minds Art Center, 121 Main, Buda
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    Visual Arts

    Link & Pin Gallery: Dogs In Borderlandia

    Through painting, drawing, video, and performance, Andrea Muñoz Martinez invites people to contemplate the beauty that exists in a land where people negotiate their place, where people thrive and struggle, and where people resist the idea of unjust borders: Borderlandia. Here's Robert Faires' review of the show.
    Through April 18. Thu.-Sat., 1-5pm
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    Visual Arts

    Lydia Street Gallery: Two

    This exhibition will be the first time that artists Kathy McCarty and David Thornberry, married for 22 years now, have shown their work together. She's been painting grackles, grackles, and grackles; he's been doing portraits based on old photos and video stillshots; now here's the impossible aviary of their work on display at Lydia Street. Recommended!
    Through April 28
  • Arts


    The Spin

    Street Corner Arts presents a livestreamed production of this new dark comedy produced specifically for the virtual medium. Listen: "When the Public Works Director of a major city confesses to a horrible crime, a team of spin doctors are brought in at the last possible second to pull off a tough assignment: prepare the Mayor’s top aide for a crucial news interview mid-pandemic, distance City Hall from the controversy, and point the public’s attention elsewhere. And do it entirely over video-conferencing." Spenser Davis wrote and directs this modern thriller that's expertly embodied by Zac Carr, Michael Galvan, Carlo Lorenzo Garcia, Natalie Garcia, Jason Graf, Kelsey Mazak, Mike Ooi, Shariba Rivers, and Andrea Skola Summers – with realtime screen management by Morgan Brochu. And, look: Here's a trailer for the show!
    Thu.-Sun., April 15-25, 8pm. Donations accepted.  
  • Community


    Trash Talks With Polly Mermaid

    Glass Half Full Theatre drops the first episode of their new video series just in time for Earth Week. Join Polly Mermaid and her friend Basurana as they tackle global environmental problems with puppetry, humor, and optimism.
    Episodes release weekly starting April 17. Free; donations accepted.  
    Via YouTube
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    Trash Talks with Polly Mermaid

    A series isn't just for kids, we reckon, when it comes from Glass Half Full and Indigo Rael and tackles global environmental problems with puppetry, humor, and optimism. In three colorful and clever videos, Rael (as Polly, a plastic mermaid) and her friend Basurana (a frog made from plastic trash, puppeted by Caroline Reck) explore sustainable solutions to our current waste systems and single-use plastic. Episode one, April 17; episode two, April 24; episode three, May 1; and all videos available on YouTube through May 9.
    Sat., April 17. Free.  
  • Film

    Special Screenings

    Villains Wear Black Presents

    This locally produced show, inspired by the likes of MTV’s 120 Minutes and USA Network’s Night Flight, offers a variety of music videos, live performances, and interviews. Created by Austin musician and artist Rona Rougeheart, who co-hosts/co-produces with Curse Mackey, it's a mind-expanding exploration of art, film, music, animation, and fashion. See it online, on Austin Public channel 16, or search "Austin Public" on AppleTV, Roku, and Amazon Fire TV Stick.
    Wednesdays, 10pm  
  • Community

    Civic Events

    Winter Storm Review Task Force Meeting

    The group is expected to deliver a final report to City Council on Winter Storm Uri and its resulting crises no later than July 30.
    Fri., April 16, 11am  
  • Film

    Special Screenings

    World's Smallest Video Store

    Blue Starlite has opened the World’s Smallest Video Store, which operates more like a "take a penny, leave a penny" tray or little free library. Choose a film and bring it back at your leisure, and if you've got something to add, great! Find it in front of Blue Starlite Mueller.

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