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    Visual Arts

    A05 Gallery: Todd Talks

    Ao5's director Todd Gresley interviews a new artist each week in this livestreamed video series from the popular south Austin gallery.
    Thursdays, 2pm  
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    BOOKS: Pick 'Em Up Curbside!

    Don’t forget, citizen: The best place to get your reading material is from Austin's own Malvern Books or HalfPrice Books or Bookpeople or BookWoman stores. (And for the ultimate in vintage collectors' editions and unique works on paper, we recommend the excellent South Congress Books.)

    Or try Bookshop.org in general – because Bookshop, unlike the online behemoth named after a river, shares the profits among all its independent-bookstore members.

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    Visual Arts

    Northern-Southern: Baton

    You know, right, that Northern-Southern's had a lot going on in this pandemic? In addition to the various artworks lying in wait throughout the city of Austin via "Left In Leaves" and "Where Is Here" … in addition to virtually hosting the weekly brilliances of first Laura Lit and now Drew Liverman … the actual N-S gallery space has been turned into an ever-evolving installation called Baton by a series of artists working in turn. Listen: "An artist is given a key to the space, a baton. With it they may take their turn installing artwork in the gallery. An artist finishes their turn when they pass the key. The next artist will then have the run of the space. They will confront the work of the previous artists as the leave-behinds of a prior civilization: to honor, remove, build around, relocate, or cover up." Phillip Niemeyer and Rachel Freeman started things off in July, then passed the baton to Emily Lee. Stella Alesi took over in late August, followed by James Turner. Jimmy Luu and Tyeschea West added to the show in September. In October, it was Transmountain Design and Vy Ngo with the Baton. And then: Ryan Sandison Montgomery, Matthew Steinke, and Dawn Okoro. And now here's a whole new year, and gallerista Niemeyer says this tag-team situation will continue until we're all clear of the 'ronas, and so who knows what this wonderment has morphed into at this point. We say: Check it out!
  • Qmmunity


    PFLAG Monthly Meeting: South Austin

    Need a place to be? PFLAG's monthly meetings invite everyone from teens to senior citizens to join the discussion, or just listen and snack. As always, they like to keep things confidential.
    Every second Thur. of the month. Free.
  • Community


    Say Om Yoga

    All the hippies and newcomers to Southwest Austin can get in on the many classes ranging from boot camps to prenatal yoga to standard hatha courses. Late night sessions are also available.

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