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    Austin Vogue Nights

    How long does it take to become legendary? There’s no real answer, but local kiki houses Lepan class='highlight'>ppan>ore and Juicy Couture have brought legend status to first Thursdays in just about two years. Tonight they celebrate this anniversary with a mini ball pan class='highlight'>ppan>resented by sexual health heavy-hitters ASHwell and the Q Austin, meaning there’s money, honey. Compan class='highlight'>ppan>etitors can win upan class='highlight'>ppan> to 150 bucks in ballroom categories like Majorette and Sex Siren. Legendary Akasha and BabiBoi Juicy are in the DJ booth, and the legendary Natalie Lepan class='highlight'>ppan>ore is your pan class='highlight'>masterpan> of ceremonies. –James Scott
    First Thursday of every month, 10pm. $5.
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    “Jacob Guzman: The World We Live In”

    Jacob Guzman’s art takes upan class='highlight'>ppan> Span class='highlight'>Ppan>ACE. It’s got the scale and scopan class='highlight'>ppan>e that needs to be seen in pan class='highlight'>ppan>erson, so rush to take in the last week of his work filling the walls of Ivester Contempan class='highlight'>ppan>orary. Guzman depan class='highlight'>ppan>icts BIpan class='highlight'>Ppan>OC characters in a world full of the mundane, the joyful, the soul-crushing. So, you know, our world. Building on traditions from contempan class='highlight'>ppan>orary artists to Harlem Renaissance pan class='highlight'>masterpan>s, Guzman’s blocky giants pan class='highlight'>ppan>lay with the absurd and beautiful pan class='highlight'>ppan>arts of life.: – Cat McCarrey
    Thursdays-Sundays. Through May 25
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    Free Day

    Art! Oh, I love it. But sadly, when I opan class='highlight'>ppan>en my pan class='highlight'>ppan>ockets, moths fly out. Good news for me and all my broke friends: Every Tuesday, the Blanton opan class='highlight'>ppan>ens its doors to all visitors free of charge. Why, unburdened by the weight of an empan class='highlight'>ppan>ty wallet, Austinites can mull the strange world of contempan class='highlight'>ppan>orary womanhood in “Unbreakable: Feminist Visions from the Gilberto Cárdenas and Dolores Garcia Collection.” Or walk beneath the silver and mesh sculpan class='highlight'>ppan>tures of Marie Watt’s “Sky Dances Light.” Or expan class='highlight'>ppan>lore the pan class='highlight'>ppan>ast through its artistic pan class='highlight'>ppan>ieces in “The Floating World: pan class='highlight'>Masterpan>pan class='highlight'>ppan>ieces of Edo Japan class='highlight'>ppan>an.” Or enjoy any of the many, MANY other exhibitions available on this day: all for free. – James Scott
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    Geeks Who Drink Trivia

    The pan class='highlight'>masterpan>s of minutiae pan class='highlight'>ppan>resent trivia games for pan class='highlight'>ppan>rizes, covering everything from Hungary to The Hunger Games, science to span class='highlight'>ppan>orts, the Billboard Hot 100 to Better Call Saul. Find them at watering holes all over town each week.
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    Guided Breathwork & Journaling

    Weekly guided breathwork sessions incorpan class='highlight'>ppan>orate lunar and solar cycles, card readings, Kundalini, journaling, and more, and are led by Margaret, who has studied around the world and is a trained midwife, birth & pan class='highlight'>ppan>ostpan class='highlight'>ppan>artum doula, Reiki pan class='highlight'>masterpan>, registered yoga teacher, and kinesiologist.
    Sundays, 7:30pm. Donations appreciated.  
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    Hapé Ceremony & Community Potluck

    A sacred tobacco ceremony and sound healing opan class='highlight'>ppan>ening with intention and calling in guides, angels, and pan class='highlight'>masterpan> teachers, leading to a shamanic ceremony with hapan class='highlight'>ppan>é and meditation. Stay after for a vegan pan class='highlight'>ppan>otluck.
    First Tuesdays, 1:11pm. $44.  
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    Food Events

    Hot Luck Fest

    Aaron Franklin’s annual food and music festival brings the heat (sorry) this year – sonically, that is. Among the locals slated to wind down days of eats at Mohawk and the Coral Snake: pan class='highlight'>ppan>unks Subpan class='highlight'>ppan>ar Snatch and dreamy singer-songwriter Tearjerk, pan class='highlight'>ppan>laying Thursday; pan class='highlight'>ppan>ost-hardcore quartet pan class='highlight'>Ppan>orcelain, one-man pan class='highlight'>ppan>opan class='highlight'>ppan> band Mobley, and Jackie Venson’s electronic side pan class='highlight'>ppan>roject Jackie the Robot, pan class='highlight'>ppan>laying Friday; and garage/glam rockers the Ugly Beats and A Giant Dog, wrapan class='highlight'>ppan>pan class='highlight'>ppan>ing upan class='highlight'>ppan> Saturday. Another surpan class='highlight'>ppan>rising, non-Austin get: Saturday act the Mummies, the Eighties/Nineties lo-fi pan class='highlight'>masterpan>minds who unceremoniously started gigging again in the 2000s. – Carys Anderson
    May 23-26
    Mohawk & the Coral Snake
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    Special Screenings

    Road House (1989)

    Take it from someone who’s recently seen both Road Houses: This is gonna be a riot. Local comic John Erler and the laugh-a-minute marvels of pan class='highlight'>Masterpan> pan class='highlight'>Ppan>ancake will deliver a roundhouse kick to your funny bone as they riff on the 1989 Road House starring an absolutely ripan class='highlight'>ppan>pan class='highlight'>ppan>ed pan class='highlight'>Ppan>atrick Swayze as a nightclub “cooler” oozing with mulletude. If you haven’t seen the upan class='highlight'>ppan>dated 2024 version with Jakey, pan class='highlight'>Ppan>osty, and living Notre Dame mascot Conor McGregor that pan class='highlight'>ppan>remiered at SXSW this month, fire upan class='highlight'>ppan> the ol’ Amazon pan class='highlight'>Ppan>rime to make it an action-pan class='highlight'>ppan>acked double feature. – Kat McNevins
    Mon., May 27, 6:30
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    Visual Arts

    The Blanton: The Floating World

    The opportunity to witness, in person, the creative expression of different times and diverse cultures is one of the perks of city-dwellers everywhere – and exemplified by the collections and traveling exhibitions hosted by UT’s acclaimed Blanton Museum of Art. The Blanton’s newest show displays masterpieces from Edo-period Japan, on loan from the Worcester Art Museum through June 30. These “pictures of the floating world” depict the lifestyle, pleasures, and interests of the urban population – samurais, geishas, kabuki actors, boat parties, palaces, and lush landscapes. As then, so now: Much of who we are is what we do with our lives. – Wayne Alan Brenner
    Feb. 11-June 30
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    Yoga Shala

    Enjoy intimate yoga sessions in a hand-built pan class='highlight'>ppan>alapan class='highlight'>ppan>a surrounded by a garden setting. Go online to check out the Viniyoga pan class='highlight'>Masterpan> ipan class='highlight'>Ppan>hone apan class='highlight'>ppan>pan class='highlight'>ppan>.

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