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  • Film

    Special Screenings

    "Into America's Wild" (2020)

    Laser IMAX 2D: From Oregon's stunning coast to the ancient canyons of the Southwest, from the wilds of Alaska to the Appalachian Trail, explore the scenic byways, ancient homelands, secret gems and hidden trails of America's great outdoors, and discover the human connection we all share with the secret wonders of nature.
    Thu., Dec. 2, 12pm; Fri., Dec. 3, 12pm; Sat., Dec. 4, 12pm; Sun., Dec. 5, 12pm; Wed., Dec. 8, 12pm; Thu., Dec. 9, 12pm; Fri., Dec. 10, 12pm; Sat., Dec. 11, 12pm; Sun., Dec. 12, 12pm  
  • Community


    Breath, Body, Build

    a class that incorporates tuning into the breath and body to build strength, endurance, and flexibility.
    Fridays, 11am. $22.  
  • Arts


    ColdTowne TV

    "Set your dial to CTTV for at-home entertainment seven nights a week on ColdTowne’s Twitch channel, featuring experimental improv, live podcasts, scripted readings, guest characters, and more. Whether you’re a front row sitter or like to chill in the back, you can join the conversation with our interactive chat or just kick back and relax as you recline into cyberspace." See website for details.
  • Arts

    Visual Arts

    Daniel Johnston: I Live My Broken Dreams

    The Contemporary Austin presents the first-ever museum survey of works by Daniel Johnston. "Step into the surreal universe of this visionary musician and artist, filled with love, loss, ghosts, aliens, superheroes, and the eternal battle between good and evil." And there's also a show of works by more than 50 other Austin artists, in the Crit Group Reunion exhibition.
  • Community


    Decondition Your Programming With Human Design

    This class will take you into the most essential components of your Human Design to unlock the secrets to deconditioning your programming and allowing your life purpose to unfold.
    Saturdays, Dec. 4-18, 1:30pm. $22.  
  • Community


    Drop In & Create

    Looking for a hands-on art experience for all ages? The Contemporary brings out special art activities so the whole family can dig into the art, ideas, and materials seen in the exhibits.
    Sundays, noon-2pm
  • Arts

    Classical Music

    Graham Reynolds Ruins the Holidays

    He does! The longhaired maestro of local legend totally takes your favorite holiday classics and drops them into a minor key, maybe mashes them up with something catchy yet now dissonant, just generally runs musically rough-shod all over the treacled tinsel of a Western childhood. And, oh! It's glorious! This year, Reynolds adds to the madness with a full string quartet, a three-piece trombone section, and pedal steel. Bonus: One of the seasonal standards is mashed up with a DMX song.
    Fri.-Sat., Dec. 3-4, 7:30pm. $29 and up.  
  • Arts


    Heroic Dose

    Surely those Rude Mechs aren't planning on treating everyone to a hit of acid on Bicycle Day, right? Surely this latest multimedia, assorted-deliveries, unique community engagement project of theirs will only suggest or roughly replicate the effects of that psychedelic experience? Although who the fuck knows, these days? Especially since this is the award-winning, wholly entertaining, and paradigm-twisting Rudes we're talking about? Listen: "We will create an artistic circle of insight in which members will receive messages, signs, experiences, medicine, prayers, happenings and access to insights now and thru the near and far futures. These communications will begin but not be limited to the USPS, electronic mail, phone calls, gatherings, bonfires, scripture, visitations and visions. This ceremony does not promise us absolute truth. However, art can arise throughout our journeys and change can follow as that art is integrated into our daily lives in this urban jungle." Our professional recommendation: Get on it, voyager.
    It's already begun and it runs until, oh god, it could really be whatever. Pay what you can.  
  • Arts


    Kathy Dunn Hamrick: In Situ

    After two years of having them perform on water and in the middle of a big field, what has acclaimed choreographer Kathy Dunn Hamrick conjured for her troupe back at Cafe Dance? What sort of kinetic visions will be visited upon those attending? "I’m into movement invention," says Hamrick, "which means I go into the studio and investigate new ways of moving. If you want, look closely for detailed, complex, sometimes hidden movements and a high contrast between dynamics – like super-fast and super-slow. You might also notice that I break things up and then re-group." Modern dance, then, as this innovative company rocks it. And it's, um, what's it like? Says the maestra: "It’s up to you to decide if my work is funny, poignant, moving, odd, eerie, disturbing, beautiful or all of the above."
    Dec. 3-5. Fri., 7pm; Sat., 5 & 7pm; Sun., 3pm. $15-20.  
  • Arts

    Visual Arts

    MACC Galleries: Reopened!

    The Community Gallery and the Sam Z. Coronado Gallery in the Mexican-American Cultural Center reopen "with social distancing and additional health and safety precautions in place," and inviting reservations to see "Rosy Campanita, El Camino del Corazon, The Path of the Heart," which documents 13 years of struggle, persistence, and resilience between 2003-2016, and "Poética Textil/ Textile Poems," in which contemporary artists reveal their restlessness, inquiry, and research into the creation of fabric art via printing, weaving, and assemblage.
    Mon.-Fri., 10am-6pm. Donations accepted.  
  • Arts

    Visual Arts

    Martha's Contemporary: Hokey Pokey + What You See Is What You Get

    Here's a two-person exhibition that features painting, installation, videography, and sculpture by Moll Brau and Wes Thompson. It's a deep dive into a pool of loneliness, triumph, and rebirth. It's a forest of mazes where fireflies provide the light. It's a show of creations from a pair of terrific, hardworking local artists and you don't want to miss it.
  • Arts

    Visual Arts

    testsite: How a House Works

    How does a house work? The folks at Fluent-Collaborative presented such a compelling answer from artists Andy Coolquitt and Alix Browne that, when the coronavirus shutdown went into effect, they turned the exhibition into a website of its own. So now you can click over for a visit, and – hey, who's answering the questions here?
  • Food

    Food Events

    The Museum of Ice Cream

    Oh! You'll eat so much ice cream! You'll learn so much about ice cream! You'll Instagram your favorite phone into cute little pieces! Oh! We told you about this back in July, so you could snag some tickets early, and here it is now. Note: The Austin version of this international phenomenon, located in the heart of The Domain, features 12 reimagined and never-before-seen installations dedicated to the celebration and experience of enjoying the cold and creamy confection that makes the whole world smile.
    Through Jan. 31. Wed.-Mon., 10am-8pm. $39.  
    11506 Century Oaks Terrace #128
  • Qmmunity

    Nightlife & Parties

    Twerk Off

    Put some body-ody into your thirsty Thursday with Highland’s twerk-off challenge hosted by the one and only Diamond Dior Davenport. Doors at 7:30pm; sign-up at 8:30pm.
    Thursdays, 7:30-9pm. Ages 21+, free; ages 18-20, $10 cover.  
  • Community


    Uncommon Flea

    Uncommon Objects' big backyard is transformed into a dynamic marketplace for all things vintage, found and made. Come join the fun and feast on the bargains!
    Last Sundays, 10am-3pm  
  • Qmmunity

    Nightlife & Parties

    Vanguard: A Drag Revolution

    Host Hermajestie the Hung transports Coco’s rooftop into a revolutionary dimension with out-of-this-world performances from Louisianna Purchase, Evah Destruction, Sha’Nyia Ellis Narcisse, Gothess Jasmine, and special guests.
    First & third Tuesdays, 10pm. $10 cover.  
  • Arts

    Visual Arts

    Wally Workman Gallery: The Matter of Enchantment

    In this new show, Will Klemm's ethereal and light-focused landscapes are organized into the four seasons, representing the physical time of year and as the psychological seasons of human life.
    Dec. 4-30

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