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for Fri., May 3
  • Laundry & Bourbon with Lonestar

    Laundry and Bourbon with Lonestar, two companion one act plays set in backyards of a small Texas town. Three ladies come together to talk about their life's ups and downs. Lonestar follows the life of three small town boys and the events that have shaped them. Both shows give us highs & lows with humor spread around, for good measure.
    Apr. 19-May 5  
    Navasota Theatre Alliance
  • Affordable Art Fair Austin

    Affordable Art Fair Austin will launch in May 2024, showcasing original contemporary artworks ranging between $100 to $10,000. Welcoming a whole host of local, national and international exhibitors, their spectacular first edition is set to be unmissable!
    May 16-19  
    Palmer Events Center
  • Arts

    Visual Arts

    Creating Encuentros: Changarrito 2012–2024

    Traveling in Mexico, you frequently encounter changarritos – portable food carts or tienditas run by hardworking entrepreneurs. The carts usually operate outside of any formal regulation and, in that way, mirror the resilience and creativity of Mexican culture. In 2005, artist Máximo González appropriated the concept of the changarrito as a way for artists to take their work directly to the people. The idea came to Austin’s venerable Mexic-Arte Museum in 2012, with dozens of artists displaying art and interacting with the public outside the Downtown gallery. The concept is back and will run through August. – Brant Bingamon
    Through August 25
  • Arts

    Visual Arts

    Gabriele Galimberti: The Ameriguns & Toy Stories

    They say Texas is the gun capital of America; no arguments here. And many gun collectors treat them almost like toys, taking pride in amassing safeloads of the things and procuring the latest gadgets. Internationally acclaimed Italian photographer Gabriele Galimberti set out to capture images of American gun owners among their massive collections of weapons for “Ameriguns,” resulting in some stunning imagery. This series is juxtaposed with children showcasing their toy collections for “Toy Stories,” for which Galimberti also made observations about socioeconomic and other factors influencing the subjects’ relationship to their possessions, making for a thoughtful and provocative exhibition. – Kat McNevins
    Through May 12
  • Arts

    Visual Arts

    Karn Knutson: Inside the Moments

    How do we experience each singular second of our lives? An enormous question for an event listing, sure, but that’s exactly what artist Karn Knutson tackles in her current exhibition. “Knutson attempts to show us ourselves in moments of reflection,” the show description reads, “contemplating the transitions through life, processing the struggles, finding ways forward with knowledge, sometimes hard lessons from our past, and learning from our choices good and bad. She aims to represent the things we all feel but can’t always express until we see something that lets us talk about it outside ourselves.” Maybe the something that unlocks your inner feelings is waiting just inside Link & Pin, ready to unleash all those singular seconds. – James Scott
    Thursdays-Sundays. Through May 12
  • Arts

    Visual Arts

    Molly Sydnor’s “After the Rain Part I”

    A piece of Dallas artist Molly Sydnor lives in Austin this spring thanks to “After the Rain Part I,” a Big Medium pop-up exhibition of bright textiles. Like a touchable rainbow, the multicolor weavings run ceiling-to-floor in a tiny room of the arts organization’s South Congress Avenue gallery space. The claustrophobic container may “evoke anxiety,” the artist notes, but for Sydnor, the act of weaving is a meditative process. Catch the display from 7 to 9pm on Tuesdays and Thursdays, or weekends from 11am to 4pm. – Carys Anderson
    Through May 12
  • Community


    The Amazing Acro-Cats

    Fantastic feline alert! Gear up cats and kittens, for a show unlike any you’ve seen before. The amazing Acro-Cats, incredibly trained kitties, are taking their feline feats of derring-do to the Long Center starting April 24. Watch in awe as they show off their acrobatic skills, accompanied by the all-cat band Tuna and the Rock Cats/Jazz Cats. I’m sure it won’t end in cat-astrophe. In fact, it’s guaranteed to be a fully paw-some time. – Cat McCarrey
    Fridays-Sundays. Through May 5
  • Arts


    The Prom

    OMG, it’s prom season, y’all! And what could make it better than four Broadway stars making it all about themselves? Zach presents the catchy tale of desperate thespians trying to gain relevance by “helping” a small town prom be less bigoted. Set to toe-tapping tunes, this musical entertains and educates. There will be laughs, love, and you know, someone might just learn something along the way. – Cat McCarrey
    Through May 12  
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