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for Sat., May 27
  • Joe Bonamassa Live in Concert

    Joe Bonamassa is one of today's top live performers. His enthusiastic shows are one of the biggest parts of his career, and a favorite for music lovers worldwide. Hailed internationally as one of the greatest guitar players of his generation and cited by Guitar World Magazine as “the world's biggest blues guitarist,” he has single-handedly redefined the blues-rock genre.
    Sun. Oct. 29, 8pm  
    ACL Live at the Moody Theater
  • Music

    Here Be Monsters w/ Invoke, Montopolis, Kraken Quartet, Density512, Golden Hornet, LOLA, One Ounce Opera, Convergence, Goliath Was Bigfoot, Tom Echols, Less Than <10 Music, Nathan Felix, VAMP, Studio A, Tetractys New Music

    While several of its 15 featured artists sound like they’d be brash metal bands by name (Invoke, Convergence, VAMP), Here Be Monsters promises a mammoth showcase of Austin’s indie classical exports, hosted by contemporary sound highlighters Tetractys New Music. A deep appreciation for the Lone Star State is a common thread; alongside chamber collective Montopolis’ subtle twang and Golden Hornet’s Western big band stylings, they’ve both released projects dedicated to Texas nature (not to mention composer Nathan Felix’s rumbling piano ode to the state’s skies). Here, at a five-hour KMFA 89.5-sponsored patio display, be the monsters that lurk in the background of Austin’s music scene, quietly crafting visceral arrangements.
    Sat., May 27, 5pm 
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    SIMS Foundation Feel Good Music Festival Day 1 w/ Easy Compadre!, Caramelo Haze, Megafauna, Money Chicha

    Arthritis, hepatitis, lupus, and osteoporosis all count May as their cognizance moment, but Austin lifesaver the SIMS Foundation underlines the end of spring as Mental Health Awareness Month. Almost 30, the local substance abuse recovery org, musician-born from namesake Sims Ellison, fundraises and builds community through its initial two-day concert convergence. Latin supergroups Money Chicha and Caramelo Haze headline Saturday as Dani Neff’s guitar mania via Megafauna supports. Sunday stages a Marley v. Dylan hootenanny pitting the likes of Kalu James and Courtney Santana against Tony Kamel, Suzanna Choffel, Cory Reinisch, and more. Every dollar spent could save the life of a favorite local musician.
    Sat., May 27, 6pm 
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    Killah Priest, DJ Notion, Cooley Fly, Chi Clopz, Bubs Rubino, Big Nothing, Frederick Boom, NateTheMosaic, Storm Shadow, the iLL Collective

    Learning that a rapper is a “Wu-Tang Clan affiliate” is not the criterion of unassailable quality that its pedigree might suggest. I know at least one hip-hop fan who refers to forgotten artists like Deadly Venoms and GP Wu as “RZA’s weed carriers.” But even were it not measured against such paltry competition, Killah Priest’s Heavy Mental – the consensus greatest Wu affiliate album of all time – would still go down as a landmark worth mounting a 25th anniversary tour for. Even if it was a bit of a cheat code to re-include “B.I.B.L.E (Basic Instructions Before Leaving Earth),” Priest’s classic contribution to GZA’s Liquid Swords, the album remains a dense, dark, heady brew. And don’t sleep on the Brooklyn MC’s 12(!) released albums this decade – a prolific burst of material more ambitious and experimental than anything released by an actual Clan member in two decades. DJ Notion, ChiClopz, Cooley Fly, Bubs Rubino, Big Nothing, Frederick Boom, and more support.
    Sat., May 27, 8:30pm 
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