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Acasă, My Home

NR   86 min.  

Extreme gentrification on the outskirts of Bucharest

New Reviews

About Hope

NR   91 min.

Religious romantic drama about finding your moral core through love (natch)

American Skin

R   89 min.

Payback for police shootings in this violent drama

Brothers by Blood

NR   105 min.  

Cold and slow gang war on the streets of Philadelphia

Go/Don't Go

NR   91 min.  

Enigmatic end-of-the-world story blossoms into quiet hope

Identifying Features

NR   95 min.  

Mexico's "disappeared" given a voice in this cross-border drama

No Man's Land

PG-13   114 min.  

Well-intentioned cross-border drama finds humanity on all sides


NR   100 min.  

Epic documentary chronicles the intimate and epic scale of life in four nations

Our Friend

R   124 min.  

Jason Segel is the friend you'd want in this true story of facing death

PG: Psycho Goreman

NR   99 min.  

Splattertastic creature feature flips the evil script on Power Rangers goody-goodies

Preparations to Be Together for an Unknown Period of Time

NR   97 min.  

Enigmatic Hungarian drama asks how much we invent our own worlds

Redemption Day

R   100 min.

It's 2021, and terrorists in low-budget thrillers are still all foreign

First-Run Movies

Bloody Hell

R   93 min.  

Australian horror-comedy is deliciously twisted riff on the eurotrip

The Croods: A New Age

PG   95 min.  

Pointless prehistoric sequel hasn’t evolved at all

Don't Tell a Soul

R   83 min.  

Rainn Wilson proves his darker skills in this drama of inherited sin and trauma


R   102 min.  

Not everything that happens in Vegas ...

Half Brothers

PG-13   94 min.  

Screwball road trip comedy should have stayed in the garage


PG-13   105 min.

Eric Roberts saves souls, unlikely as that sounds

The Marksman

PG-13   110 min.  

Liam Neeson is the action man again in this border thriller


NR   178 min.

Classroom Tamil action with Vijay handing out lessons and justice

Monster Hunter

PG-13   103 min.  

The beast-slaying game gets the Paul W.S. Anderson treatment

My Little Sister

NR   99 min.

German family drama about the trauma of losing a twin

News of the World

PG-13   118 min.  

Tom Hanks evokes one of his most celebrated roles in this tragic Western


PG-13   124 min.  

Latest retelling of the children's classic gets tangled in its own strings

Promising Young Woman

R   113 min.  

Unevenness sabotages this takedown of "nice guy" culture

Rock Camp: The Movie

NR   87 min.  

Music fans seek glam without the grit and grind as they play with stadium-fillers

Some Kind of Heaven

NR   81 min.  

America's retirement heaven shows some splinter in the clouds


PG-13   150 min.  

Time goes backward and forward these days …

Wonder Woman 1984

PG-13   151 min.  

Diana Prince stars in an all-new episode of I Love the ’80s

Special Screenings
  • Film

    Special Screenings

    Cicada (2020)

    aGLIFF presents a virtual screening of the multiple-award-winning film about an intense relationship between two men that develops over a New York summer. Screening includes a Q&A with director/writer/star Matt Fifer.
    Available Jan. 21-27. $12; free for aGLIFF members. 
    Online: www.agliff.org
  • Film

    Special Screenings

    Coming Soon: AFS & Sundance Film Festival

    AFS Cinema is Austin's exclusive satellite venue for the 2021 Sundance Film Festival. See fest selections at their drive-in screenings ($25 per car, $15 per additional passenger) and RSVP to enjoy free Beyond Film panel discussions with a Texas focus.
    Jan. 28-Feb. 2 
    Panels: online via Zoom; screenings: Pioneer Farms, 10621 Pioneer Farms Dr.

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