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PG-13   122 min.  

Pale imitation of what made the original such an unexpected smash of a disaster movie

New Reviews

Bad Newz

NR   140 min.

A pregnant woman tries to determine which of her two suitors is the father

Crumb Catcher

NR   103 min.

A couple's honeymoon gets derailed by a creepy uninvited guest


NR   140 min.

A hard worker finds himself accidentally married


R   98 min.

A twin investigates her sister's murder in this Irish supernatural horror

First-Run Movies

Anyone but You

R   103 min.  

Can opposites attract when they're both just awful?

Bad Boys: Ride or Die

R   110 min.  

Miami’s bad boy police officers embrace getting older

Despicable Me 4

PG   94 min.  

Former supervillain-turned-Anti-Villain-League agent Gru returns

Fly Me to the Moon

PG-13   132 min.  

Scarlett Johansson is the best thing about this kinda-silly, kinda-sweet space-race rom-com

Horizon: An American Saga Chapter 1

R   181 min.

You think that title’s a mouthful? Check out the running time for part one of writer-director-star Kevin Costner’s epic Western.

Indian 2

NR   150 min.

Sequel to 1996 film about an ex-freedom fighter turned anti-corruption vigilante

Inside Out 2

PG   96 min.  

The inner life of now-teenager Riley gets complicated when Anxiety takes a turn at the wheel

Kinds of Kindness

NR   164 min.  

Yorgos Lanthimos follows up Oscar winner Poor Things with a ponderous arthouse anthology film


R   101 min.  

Nicolas Cage goes big in this nerve-racking and dour excursion into diabolical terror


R   104 min.  

Triumphant third installment in Ti West's cinematic slasher-horror series

National Anthem

R   99 min.  

A queer rodeo is the backdrop to a tremulous burgeoning relationship

The People’s Joker

NR   82 min.  

Trans coming-of-age story filtered through superhero homage

Perfect Days

PG   123 min.  

A toilet cleaner in Tokyo quietly goes about his days in this stirring Oscar nominated picture

A Quiet Place: Day One

PG-13   99 min.

Spinoff prequel details how those noise-hating monster aliens first came to invade Earth

Robot Dreams

NR   102 min.  

Dog and Robot find companionship in this lovely and touching Oscar-nominated animated film

Sound of Hope: The Story of Possum Trot

PG-13   135 min.

Inspirational story about a community that rallies to find homes for foster children


PG-13   98 min.  

A nonagenarian seeks revenge after being scammed


R   121 min.

Romantic Icelandic drama about a man trying to track down his first love after 50 years apart

Special Screenings
  • Film

    Special Screenings

    Eno (2024)

    Peeing on a famous work of art. Killing flies. Passing on working with Joni Mitchell. All core moments in Eno, the new documentary about musical maverick Brian Eno, that you may never see. Or you might. Inspired by Eno’s own generative compositions, documentarian Gary Hustwit created a self-editing movie that rebuilds itself for every screening from a massive and growing archive of library footage and original interviews. No two screenings will be the same, but this night at AFS Cinema will be especially unique, as Hustwit will be present for a post-screening Q&A and discussion of this radical rejection of the director as all-knowing force. – Richard Whittaker
    Fri., July 19, 7pm, 9:45pm
  • Film

    Special Screenings

    Cheap Thrills (2014)

    Cultural historian and rodeo clown karaoke DJ Cindy Popp began her exploration of delicious debauchery by grappling with lust in last month’s screening of The Telephone Book. Now she gets into greed with Cheap Thrills, E.L. Katz’s twisted morality tale. Find out exactly what unemployed auto mechanic Craig (Pat Healy) would do for a buck as he heads out for a night of depravity with a twisted couple (Anchorman’s David Koechner and The Innkeepers star Sara Paxton). Plus, make sure to indulge yourself in libations, courtesy of Pinthouse Brewing. – Richard Whittaker Read a full review of Cheap Thrills.
    Fri., July 19, 7pm

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