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Inside Out 2

PG   96 min.  

The inner life of now-teenager Riley gets complicated when Anxiety takes a turn at the wheel

New Reviews

I Am: Celine Dion

PG   102 min.

I Used to Be Funny

NR   105 min.

A stand-up comedian struggles with PTSD in this Canadian dramedy

In Our Day

NR   84 min.  

Acclaimed filmmaker Hong Sang-soo turns his keen observational eye on an actress and an artist in South Korea

Kidnapped: The Abduction of Edgardo Mortara

NR   135 min.  

Based on a true case, a 6-year-old is ripped from his Jewish parents by the Catholic church

Robot Dreams

NR   102 min.  

Dog and Robot find companionship in this lovely and touching Oscar-nominated animated film


R   112 min.

A Holocaust survivor and his daughter go on a road trip to 1990s Poland


R   111 min.  

Death manifest as a macaw attends a terminally ill young woman and her mother

Welad Rizk 3

NR   120 min.

Arabic action film about a group of brothers pulled back into the criminal underworld

First-Run Movies


R   104 min.  

Female friendship, pregnant bodies go under the microscope in hilarious Babes

Bad Boys: Ride or Die

R   110 min.  

Miami’s bad boy police officers embrace getting older


R   131 min.  

Luca Guadagnino’s silly romance may turn you off sex and tennis both


R   100 min.

Writer Tony Spiridakis channeled his experiences as father to a son with autism in this family drama

The Fall Guy

PG-13   125 min.  

Funny and fleet, this rom-com/actioner pays tribute to stuntpeople

Furiosa: A Mad Max Saga

R   148 min.  

The story is lacking but the spectacle is stupendous

The Garfield Movie

PG   101 min.  

Jim Davis’ comic strip gets an animated reboot with Chris Pratt voicing the iconic cat

HAIKYU!! The Dumpster Battle

NR   85 min.

Two rival high schools face off on the volleyball court

Hit Man

R   115 min.  

Glen Powell co-wrote this real-life wild tale of a professor who goes undercover as a fake hitman

I Saw the TV Glow

PG-13   100 min.  

Probes the mystery behind an Are You Afraid of the Dark?-like children’s show


PG   104 min.

A little girl discovers she can see other people’s imaginary friends

In a Violent Nature

R   94 min.  

An undead monster is revived and seeks revenge of a group of teens

Kingdom of the Planet of the Apes

PG-13   145 min.  

A young ape dares to question if maybe humans aren't the enemy after all


PG   91 min.  

Minions studio wreaks havoc and fun with a family of ducks

Perfect Days

PG   123 min.  

A toilet cleaner in Tokyo quietly goes about his days in this stirring Oscar nominated picture

The Strangers: Chapter 1

R   91 min.

The creepy-people-in-creepy-masks home invasion horror gets rebooted by Renny Harlin

Trolls Band Together

PG   91 min.  

Boy band antics with the big-haired, big-voiced toys

The Watchers

PG-13   102 min.

Dakota Fanning stars as an artist who becomes trapped in an Irish forest and is preyed upon by mysterious creatures


NR   103 min.  

Ethan Hawke directs daughter Maya as Flannery O’Connor in an imaginative exploration of the artistic process and faith in crisis

Special Screenings
  • Film

    Special Screenings

    Juneteenth: “If They Took Us Back”

    What if, after the Emancipation Proclamation in 1863, the U.S. government had mandated the return of enslaved people to Africa? Alternate history short film “If They Took Us Back,” written and directed by Holly Charles-Pearson, examines that very question. To celebrate Juneteenth, Six Square screens the film along with a making-of documentary, live music from featured soundtrack artist Daniel Fears, a vendor market, art exhibit, and a panel discussion with the director and cast. – Kat McNevins
    Wed., June 19
  • Film

    Special Screenings

    Pandora's Box (1928)

    In the Greek legend of Pandora, all the ills of the world were unleashed when she opened her forbidden jar, and all that was left was that most precious and fragile of forces – hope. That’s sort of the story of Pandora’s Box. Reviled and censored on release, film fans and historians long hoped that it would be restored and reevaluated. Now the tale of Lulu, a libertine, and her sexual exploits across a repressive Europe, is seen as a masterpiece of Weimar cinema, most especially in the tension between Georg Wilhelm Pabst’s post-expressionistic directorial style and an eternally captivating and haunting performance from Louise Brooks, the American star who beat out Marlene Dietrich for the part. – Richard Whittaker
    Wed., June 19, 6:00

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