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West Side Story

PG-13   156 min.  

Bernstein. Shakespeare. Sondheim. Spielberg. ’Nuff said!

New Reviews

Being the Ricardos

R   125 min.  

Miscasting (except for J.K. Simmons) derails this Lucille Ball biopic.

Christmas With The Chosen: The Messengers

NR   124 min.

Musical retelling of the birth of Jesus

Don't Look Up

R   138 min.  

Apocalyptic comedy is Adam McKay at his most Adam McKay-ish

The Hand of God

R   130 min.  

Unromantic semi-autobiography about an auteur’s discovery of cinema


NR   147 min.

Telugu comedy about a catastrophic birthday party

National Champions

R   116 min.  

Ric Roman Waugh places the NCAA on trial in this chilling sports drama

Sword Art Online: Progressive - Aria of a Starless Night

NR   97 min.  

New adaptation of the MMORPG anime

The United States of Insanity

NR   99 min.  

Inside the family of Juggalos, and the deranged government crusade against them

First-Run Movies


NR   168 min.

Fantastical and explosive Telugu action drama


PG-13   97 min.  

Kenneth Branagh's stunning if messy look back at his childhood in Northern Ireland


NR   131 min.  

Paul Verhoeven gets historical for his new take on nunsploitation

Clifford the Big Red Dog

PG   97 min.  

Unnecessary feature length adventure for the childhood friend

C'mon C'mon

R   108 min.  

Joaquin Phoenix's avuncular turn avoids cloying family clichés


PG-13   155 min.  

The science-fiction epic gets the screen treatment its scale demands


PG   99 min.  

Disney's latest animated family adventure is magical if not overly memorable


R   108 min.

A veteran fears that unearthly forces are after his sons


PG-13   157 min.  

Marvel’s immortal heroes overstay their welcome

The French Dispatch

R   108 min.  

Wes Anderson's candy-colored tribute to The New Yorker

Ghostbusters: Afterlife

PG-13   124 min.  

The next generation of spook-scarers makes this resurrection fun

The Green Knight

R   125 min.  

Dev Patel and David Lowery enchant with this astounding Arthurian myth

House of Gucci

R   157 min.  

Ridley Scott is a bad fit for the tale of the fashion house's fall

King Richard

PG-13   138 min.  

And dad makes three in this Williams family tennis biopic

Last Night in Soho

R   116 min.  

Edgar Wright travels through time into London's sleazy history

No Time to Die

PG-13   163 min.  

Daniel Craig's last Bond adventure is a misfire

Resident Evil: Welcome to Raccoon City

R   107 min.  

Gory take on the original survival horror game

Ron's Gone Wrong

PG   107 min.  

Number Five, er, Ron is alive in this animated tech fable for kids

Silent Night

R   92 min.  

English nightmare comedy is as much Noël Coward as George A. Romero


R   111 min.  

Diana biopic is short on history but excels as a spectacular fable

True to the Game 3

R   97 min.

Back to the streets in this latest drama adapting Teri Woods' novels

The Unforgiveable

R   112 min.

An ex-con flails to get her life back after a murder conviction

Venom: Let There Be Carnage

PG-13   90 min.  

Come for the dodgy CGI fighting, stay for the ... rom-com?


R   95 min.  

An astounding performance at the heart of this strange tale of identity

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