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Visual Arts for Sat., Feb. 2
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    There’s one sure way for art to make a lasting impression: When the marks comprising a work are made transferable and forced into contact with another surface. Then, suddenly, look – born from an industrial matrix still wet with ink, it’s a print! It’s the product of a woodcut, an engraving, an etching. It manifests as a mezzotint, an aquatint, an image of drypoint. Hell, maybe it’s one of those screenprints that concert promoters use for pimping their bands, a bold AF poster created with the same sort of process that, when displayed in a Very Serious Museum, is called serigraphy.: There are so many different kinds of prints, we confess, that it’s better to direct you to Wikipedia for detailed background. But we wouldn’t be surprised if an eye-popping majority of those kinds – to say nothing of the abundance of subjects depicted, the profusion of styles engaged – were available for viewing during the sixth annual PrintAustin celebration.: This year’s iteration of PrintAustin runs from January 15 to February 15 and features a wide diversity of events throughout the city – including exhibitions, artist talks, demos, workshops, and more. We’ll be highlighting several of those in your Chronicle's visual arts listings as the fest continues, of course, so keep your eyes peeled this-a-way.
    Through Feb. 15  
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    Visual Arts

    PrintAustin: Print Expo

    The day after that masked and mafficking Printmaker's Ball, here's the Blue Genie all decked out with tables and booths presenting more than 48 artists and studios – Carlos Hernandez and Burning Bones Press, Tim Doyle of Nakatomi, Bale Creek Allen Gallery, Beast Syndicate, Moonhowler Press, Industry Print Shop, Hokum Press, Recspec Gallery, Barrio Dudes, Futuristic Press, Brooke Molla, Iron Frog, and on and on – with live demonstrations (that popular steamroller printing, especially) and a plethora of bargain bins and so much inkstained hobnobbing that it'll make you wanna name your firstborn Van Son.
    Sat., Feb. 2, noon-5pm. Free.  

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