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Comedy for Mon., Dec. 23
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    Underground Comedy

    This newly revitalized basement venue is dedicated to "bringing the best in alternative comedy with shows seven nights a week." For instance: Monday starts things off with that sprightly revue of optimism called Fuck This Week, Tuesday shows you how The Floor Is Lava, there's the all-female comedy showcase called Garage on Wednesdays, and Thursday's Have You Seen … LarrySusan? establishes that improv troupe as true champions. Then, on Friday, don't miss the highly Instagrammable Double Tap with Vivian Meyers and the inarguable power of Sure Thing hosted by Duncan Carson and Brendan K. O’Grady. Saturday's got the sci-fi slacker comedy of Losers in Space for you, followed by some story-centered Sweet Lightning, and – see website for more!

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