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for Sat., Aug. 31
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    Arcos Dance: Ether Junk

    In this "staged rehearsal of possible cyborg realities,” the kinetic savants of Arcos use dance to explore how emergent technologies de-center the body and offer audience-participants the chance to assert their humanity in an increasingly opaque technoworld. In-person viewers of each performance will be joined by audiences at other locations screening an interactive livestream of the piece and using their phones to shape the action remotely. Note: This is Arcos, so it's gonna be some kind of fierce and weird and wonderful.
    Aug. 30-Sept. 8. Wed.-Sat., 8pm; Sun., 2pm. Donations accepted.  
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    Out of Bounds Comedy Festival

    Look, it's not all about the improv, OK? That is to say, yes, it's hella about improv, the whole looooong weekend is lousy with improv – with amazing troupes from all over the country attending and performing – but there's also a sweet array of sketch comedy and stand-up comedy and just the naturally occurring comedy that ensues as hundreds and hundreds of professionals and fans converge on the ATX for the seven days of this annual festival of staged shenanigans. Shows? Well, yes! But workshops and classes, too – and more afterparties than you can shake a shakable thing at. Ah, we've got more coverage for you right here, citizen, but right now check that website and reserve tickets while you can.
    Through Sept. 2  
    Various locations
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    High Art Shit

    This latest Works Progress Austin event from Salvage Vanguard Theatre is curated by performer and creator Gricelda Silva and invites the community to seek commonality through disgusting shared experiences. “What is most intimate, most personal to us, is also most universal," says new mother Silva. "Yet we don’t talk about that because, what, it’s too taboo to say we piss in the shower, that we pick our noses and roll our boogers into tiny balls that we flick off into oblivion, that our finger has gone through the toilet paper square and we’ve instinctively smelled it? Well, I think we should talk about this shit!” And so, here comes a bevy of Austin luminaries to share the nastiness and enjoy shitty performances of poetry, puppets, movement, and song – with guest artists Jesus Valles, Caroline Reck, and Cami Alys.
    Sat., Aug. 31, 6pm. $5.  
    The Mosaic Theatre, 11530 Manchaca Rd
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    Robert Mueller's Greatest Hits

    Robert Mueller (as played by Hyde Park Theatre's own Ken Webster), with help from a rotation of local all-star actors, presents highlights of the special counsel’s two-volume, 400-plus page report in this staged reading – including, of course, the Mueller team's assessment of Russian interference and the president’s efforts to obstruct the investigation into his campaign. Conceived and directed by Mark Pickell for Capital T Theatre. (Also, we feel compelled to add, in the interests of full disclosure: FUCK TRUMP.)
    Through Aug. 31. Thu.-Sat., 8pm. Pay what you can, impeach if possible.
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    The Mamalogues

    Color Arc Productions presents the world premiere of Lisa B. Thompson’s new satirical comedy about black, unmarried, middle-class mothers parenting in the age of anxiety, as they lean in, stress out, and guide their precocious children from diapers to college in a dangerous world. Directed by Rudy Ramirez, starring Yvonne Oaks, Valoneecia Tolbert, and MelodyAnn Fullylove.
    Through Sept. 7. Thu.-Sun., 8pm. $15-35.  
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    Tough Guys and Dangerous Dames: A Discussion of Hardboiled Fiction

    This here's one helluva company of sinister glory, all right, as darkling scribes Jeff Vorzimmer, Rick Ollerman, Josh Stallings, Tim Bryant, and Joe Lansdale convene in a room on BookPeople's third floor for some deep palaver about murder, mayhem, and maybe something else that starts with M. Why? To honor the 20th anniversary of Stark House Press and its release of The Best of Manhunt, that's why. You got a problem with that? You maybe wanna step outside for a minute, pal?
    Sat., Aug. 31, 2pm
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    This new play, devised by a trans/nonbinary ensemble – the lead writers are Libby Carr and Lane Stanley – tells the story of a "found family" living together in the same house, redefining the meaning and importance of community and overcoming personal grief and loss while fostering an atmosphere of love and acceptance. Directed by Lisa Scheps and Jess O'Rear for Ground Floor Theatre.
    Through Aug. 31. Thu.-Sat., 8pm; Sun., 5pm. Extra show: Wed., Aug. 28, 8pm. $5-40.  
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