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for Sat., May 4
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    ¡Estar Guars!

    The Latino Comedy Project, fully embracing the power of the dark(er) side, presents this intergalactic send-up to end all send-ups, staging a 1) hilarious and 2) totally Mexified version of all that Jedi shit that George Lucas and friends have been visiting on this planet for more than three decades now. See Han Cholo, La Princesa Leia Organa-Cortez, Tio Juan Kenobi, Yola, R2Me2, Darth Vendido, ICE Troopers, and more in a comedy fiesta set "not long ago, in a barrio just around the way …" It's a show of "high adventure, swashbuckling duels, and adorable furry brown creatures speaking in exotic alien tongues – like Spanglish!" (: Note: This show is performed mostly in English with some Spanglish and is rated PG-13.) Written & directed by Sith Lord Adrian Villegas. See our recent feature for more.
    Through May 11. Thu.-Fri., 8pm; Sat., 8pm; Sun., 5 & 7pm. $25.  
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      Once There Were Six Seasons

      Glass Half Full Theatre's award-winning production returns as a three-part interactive experience that invites audiences to travel the globe and explore humankind’s impact on climate change: Step onstage with the puppeteers to observe ecosystems from the Americas, Africa, India, Asia, and the Arctic and watch as the tiny humans and animals struggle against drought, flood, heat, and violent storms. This complex spectacle is directed by Caroline Reck and Gricelda Silva, features original choreography by Kelly Hasandras, and – listen, it's a true marvel of narrative and object manipulation and will delight you endlessly, even as its global implications send a little chill down your spine. See our full review right here.
      Through May 4. Fri., 8pm; Sat., 2 & 7pm; Mon., 7pm. $12-30.  
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      Visual Arts

      Big Medium: Unity of Opposites

      This show, curated by Coka Treviño, features artists Blasto and Ernesto Walker exploring nature and how humans decide to interact with it. "Inspired by alchemy, technology, and numbers, Blasto focuses on earth, the visible and tangible; Walker on the invisible, immaterial and divine."
      Through May 18
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      Free Comic Book Day

      You probably already know about this annual event. Maybe you even realize that it's coming up on Saturday, right? So consider this a reminder, then, citizen, a reminder to get your ass to your local favorite comic shop (we're partial to Austin Books & Comics and Dragon's Lair, ourselves) for a mess o' freebies. Some of which may be promotional claptrap, sure; but much of which will definitely be decent issues well worth reading; and all of it offered in an atmosphere of fannish celebration studded with special sales and fun. Unless you're, like, a Skrull or something. Bad Skrulls, bad!
      Sat., May 4, all day long
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      Visual Arts

      Northern-Southern: Rebris

      This is a show of – hold on just a second here – post-consumer sculpture? That's right, and Northern-Southern has chosen two excellent artists to fill the gallery with new work on that subject: Austin's own Virginia Fleck and Ted Carey. Oh, hey, look: We've reviewed the show right here.
      Through May 8
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      Zach's Happiest Ever After Party

      Enjoy the best of Austin nightlife at this fancy disco-fied fundraiser, including a notoriously fun dance partyyou'll be partying on the storied Topfer stage, no less – with a themed photo booth, signature ZACH entertainers and drag artists, and an open bar all night long.
      Sat., May 4, 9pm. $100.  
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      Austin Public

      Committed to freedom of speech and expression, Austin Public is a nonexclusive and content-neutral media studio that offers low- and no-cost training, equipment, facilities, and cablecasting services to all Austinites. It is managed by the Austin Film Society under contract from the city of Austin, and operates cable channels 10, 11, and 16, and live streams. New training classes are ongoing; see website for calendar.

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