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for Tue., Jan. 14
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    ...And You Will Know Us by the Trail of Dead (album release), Think No Think

    Last year, when Conrad Keely returned to Austin after five years in Cambodia, Trail of Dead kicked production of its 10th album in 25 years into high gear. X: The Godless Void and Other Stories now arrives full vested in that timeline, seamlessly flowing from Nineties-kissed Euro rock to millennial electronics and new century melody and atmospherics. Co-captain Jason Reece emailed.: Austin Chronicle: What led to the new album’s title?: Jason Reece: At first, it was going to be called something like Into the American Void, a reference to a Washington Post article that covered some disturbing stuff about what’s going on in America right now, but Into the Godless Void sounded more metaphysical and intense, otherworldly.: AC: You and Conrad started this band as much younger men. How does growing older affect the vigor of TOD in its recordings and performances?: JR: Well, we don’t trash the stage like we did when we were in our 20s. We trash it like grown-ass adults. We try never to overthink it and lose that vibrancy. It’s all in your head.: AC: Twenty-five years, man. What were/are the benefits and drawbacks to emerging from Austin?: JR: Great to know that you’re a part of a larger group of bands and people that have made their way around this planet and have moved, influenced, and inspired people. It’s fucking crazy how influential this city is. Our only goal was to put out a record on Trance Syndicate and tour, get the fuck out of Texas, not be lost in Austin.: AC: So, another 25 years? That math can be daunting!: JR: Hahaha, this interview is so time and age obsessed. Get free, man. Time is relative. We’re all living in a simulation.
    Tue., Jan. 14, 8pm  
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      Blackalicious, Chief & the Doomsday Device

      Gift of Gab & Chief Xcel rhyme-n-beat.
      Tue., Jan. 14, 10pm  
    • Qmmunity

      Nightlife & Parties

      Boiz of Austin Annual Wildcard Showcase

      Catch these hawt kings turning their first looks for 2020! 18 and up to spin!
      Tue., Jan. 14, 10pm. $5.  
    • Arts


      Brooke Barber and Boaz Frankel: Let's Be Weird Together

      Is it possible to be all coupled up and just too freakin' adorable? We reckon the celebrated authors will provide plenty of evidence either way this night at BookPeople.
      Tue., Jan. 14, 7pm
    • Arts


      Bryson Brown

      This local comedian is smooth. He's laid back. He just wants everybody to be comfortable. Bonus: You'll be laughing in comfort, on a Tuesday night in Austin.
      Tue., Jan. 14, 8pm. $7-11.  
    • Arts


      FronteraFest Short Fringe

      The 27th annual theatrical smorgasbord of local productions (comedy! drama! dance! improv! performance art! multimedia! diverse shenanigans!) opens this decade with its slate of five 25-minute-long Short Fringe shows each night at Hyde Park Theatre (Jan. 14-Feb. 15), with the usually sold-out Best of the Week show each Saturday night. Coming up:Dueling Playwrights: Battle in the Grocery Aisle by Marianne Serene & James E. Burnside; Posse Power by Jomo and The Possum Posse; Please Help Me! Confessions Of A Self-Improvement Junkie by Tom Booker; St. Stephen's Pier by Heath Allyn; and The #2 Sacrifice by Sandy Maranto; Thu., Jan. 16, 8pm.99 Facts About an Immigrant by Leng Wong; A Series of Open Letters to My Teenage Son by Max Langert; Honey, I'm Home! by Jolyne Garza; I Sleep/ I Live/ I Wake by Ryley Valenti; and Three Tragedies in 25 minutes or Less by Shakespeare (with modifications by Beth Burroughs); Fri., Jan. 17, 8pm.14 Si! by PoetKen Jones; Catawampus by Cliff Miller; I Am Not The Person You Have Made Me Out to Be by Marianne Serene; Liftoff by Ben Polega; and Maid/Man by Rich Rubin; Tue., Jan. 21, 8pm.A Bird, a Dog, and a Wave by Kayur Patel; A Dance Piece by Dmo Acheka, Danielle Bogle, Maira Montes, and Philip Weaver; Dueling Playwrights: On Porn by Marianne Serene & James E. Burnside; I Knew Him Well by Trace Turner; Lightning Girl by Rita Anderson; and The Misplays by Aaron Rubin, Adrian Gwarzalez, Derek Cornelius, and Spencer Bloom; Wed., Jan. 22, 8pm.Science Fails: The Human Side of Science by Nichole Bennett; Flashmandments by CB Goodman; Flawed by Sandy Maranto; How To Say You’re Afraid of Commitment in 140 Characters Or Less by Valerie Nies; and Who Sits Next to Wilma by Janna Garza; Thu., Jan. 23, 8pm.Note: FronteraFest is a unique collaboration between two of Austin’s most venerable arts organizations – that aforementioned Hyde Park Theatre (an award-winning professional company in central Austin) and ScriptWorks (a playwright development and service organization with members in Texas and across the nation).
      Through Feb. 15. $18 per night.  
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      Montopolis presents The Return of Draw Egan

      Justin Sherburn takes on Ennio Morricone in live film score.
      Tue., Jan. 14, 7pm
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      Slow Mass, Exhalants, Grivo

      Chicago emo quintet Slow Mass expelled debut studio platter On Watch in May 2018, space rock-leaning post-hardcore riffs underscoring the shared vocals of bassist Mercedes Webb and guitarist Dave Collis. Last year, the band stripped down for a 7-inch single, the synth-driven confessional “Siren” backed by an acoustic cut of Wilco’s “Reservations.” Locals Exhalants and Grivo open.
      Tue., Jan. 14, 7pm  
    • Qmmunity


      TransATX VDR Training

      A local group of trans and nonbinary qmmunity members are hosting a queer-friendly voter deputy registrar training in an effort to rally the queer, trans, and enby vote!
      Tue., Jan. 14, 6:30-7:30pm  
      5501 Airport Blvd
    • Music

      Wesley Stace (John Wesley Harding set)

      After decades performing as John Wesley Harding, singer/songwriter/author/professor Wesley Stace reclaimed his real name in 2013. Now he’s celebrating his repertoire as a 120 Minutes favorite. Expect hits – “Kill the Messenger,” “The Person You Are,” “The Devil in Me” – as well as new tunes.
      Tue., Jan. 14, 8pm
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