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for Tue., Oct. 16
  • National Taco Championships: Austin

    Journey through a Taco-Tastic event of epic portions featuring 35+ Taco Makers battling it out for the $10,000 prize fund. Eat your way through $3 tacos around the festival, live music, Lucha Libre wrestling, Hot Chili Pepper Eating contest, Chihuahua Beauty Pageant, Day of the Dead Wedding, a boutique Tequila Expo with 100+ tequilas to sample, VIP experiences, and more!
    Sat. Mar. 30, 11am-6pm  
    Austin American-Statesman
  • Great ATX El Paso Mexican Food Challenge

    Love El Paso Mexican Food? Enjoy it at these great ATX eateries during the Great ATX El Paso Mexican Food Challenge! You are invited to participate in the “Great ATX El Paso Style Mexican Food Challenge!”, a contest focused on which restaurants can serve the best El Paso Style Mexican Food in the greater Austin area.
    March 20-April 20  
    Austin, Texas
  • Music

    Nnamdi Ogbonnaya, Sen Morimoto

    Teaming Chicago-area jazz-rap multi-instrumentalists/vocalists Nnamdi Ogbonnaya and Sen Morimoto only makes sense. Rapper, drummer, bassist, Ogbonnaya is in no less than three bands. Kyoto-born, Morimoto raps, plays drums and keys, and also released an introspective and compelling full-length in 2018, Cannonball! The duo dropped the easy, breezy “It Takes Time” off a mixtape from youth-based nonprofit Young Chicago Artists.
    Tue., Oct. 16, 9pm  
    • Community


      House of Torment

      Step into your worst nightmare at this fright farm in North Austin. Known for its high production values and immersive scare tactics, this is one up from watching horror movies all month. New this year is an on-site tavern in case you need some liquid courage in order to face the ghoulies.
      Through Nov. 10. $20 and up.  
    • Food

      Food Events

      Hoover's Cooking: 20th Anniversary

      Listening to the man, his warm Texas timbre flowing like aural bourbon into your auditory goblets, you'd think, "This fellow could've had a fine career doing voiceover narration," y'know? How lucky for Austin that Hoover Alexander chose cooking instead, his neighborhood joint anchoring Manor Road since back in the day, his skilled crew dishing up the most deeply flavorful down-home cuisine this side of Heaven's Own Soulfood Diner. Now come on out – to the Sterling Event Center, mind you – and celebrate two decades of Hoover's Cooking, with live music from Arctic Blues and plenty to drink among the barbecue and tacos and pies and more. Bonus: Proceeds will benefit Six Square and Urban Roots.
      Tue., Oct. 16, 6-10pm. $20.  
    • Music

    • Music

      Kikagaku Moyo, Hidden Ritual

      Never forget the sheer beauty of peak summit psych rock. Tokyo dream weavers Kikagaku Moyo conjure a dazzling Utopia both musically and conceptually on fourth album Masana Temples. Intimate Japanese vocals, silky guitar webs, exotic accents, and big-room atmospherics pop as fuzzy and bright as a rainbow for the 2014 Austin Psych Fest alums, who plot a timeless journey through a universe entirely of their own making.: Austin Chronicle: Opener “Entrance” feels very Beatlesque. What’s the significance of beginning the album with this piece?: Kikagaku Moyo: It’s an intro solo sitar jam, which we have never had on an album before. It’s an entrance of a coming journey.: AC: “Dripping Sun” – what’s the importance of the wah pedal to modern rock?: KM: Don’t you like the wah sounds? You can make the sound erotic or psychedelic with wah.: AC: “Nazo Nazo” seems so – what they used to call Sixties UK folk – pastoral. What are the influences on this track?: KM: We definitely have been influenced by UK folk, but for this song in particular, we wanted to make a song that was pastoral and nostalgic to us like Japanese folklore songs.: AC: “Fluffy Kosmisch” reminds me very much of Can. Fans?: KM: Yes, we love Can. Jaki and Michael Karoli are our favorites. Of course Irmin and Holger, too.: AC: “Nana” is my favorite: addictive bassline with perfect percussion and a beautiful vocal. What can you tell me about this song and recording?: KM: We wrote this song when we had time in Melbourne in King Gizz[ard]’s studio, so we definitely have some OZ vibes in that song, and Bruno Pernadas, who produced the record, gave us [a] different approach rather [than] being super tight and precise.
      Tue., Oct. 16, 9pm  
    • Music

    • Music

      Richie Ramone, The Guillotines, Dharma Kings, The Butts

      Richard Reinhardt, 61, drummer on jewels Too Tough to Die and Animal Boy.
      Tue., Oct. 16, 7pm  
    • Arts

      Visual Arts

      The Big Quiet in Austin

      It's known for bringing thousands of people together to meditate at iconic locations like Madison Square Garden, the top of the World Trade Center, and the American Museum of Natural History, and now this mass meditation event – resonant with live (and, we reckon, soothing) music – is on tour and stopping in the ATX.
      Tue., Oct. 16, 6:45pm. $30.  
    • Community

      Civic Events

      Walker Lukens' Election Confession

      Four nights of candidate confessionals with musician Walker Lukens. Mon., Oct. 15, features Chari Kelly at noon, and Julie Oliver at 6pm. Tue., Oct. 16, features Joi Chevalier at noon, and Sheryl Cole at 6pm. Wed., Oct. 17, features Judge Gisela Triana at noon, and Vikki Goodwin at 6pm. Thursday guests TBA.
      Mon.-Thu., Oct. 15-18; noon & 6pm  
    • Music

      We Were Promised Jetpacks, Hurry Up

      Scottish post-punks claim The More I Sleep the Less I Dream.
      Tue., Oct. 16, 6:30pm  
    • Arts

      Visual Arts

      Yard Dog: The Party's Just Getting Started

      Party's just getting started, yeah, and is that Bob Schneider music they're playing? Maybe. But maybe it's also some of this, excuse me, fucking righteousvisual work that the man's been up to recently. We fairly raved about his monochrome etchings, back in the day; this new full-color painting/collage thing Schneider's doing is at least as impressive – and more vibrant across the spectrum of light. Been to Yard Dog lately? Here's you a good excuse.
      Through Oct. 21
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