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'The Two Truths 
About Love'.

You are also invited to join authors Jason Fischer & Sabrina Kindell at Bookpeople on Thursday, February 7, 2013 at 7pm for a discussion & signing of 
their new book, 
'The Two Truths 
About Love'. Just two simple, yet profound insights can make any intimate relationship not only stable and functional, but extraordinary. Fischer reveals these insights and offers guidance for building a deeply accepting and fulfilling partnership. MORE ABOUT THE BOOK: Some relationships last, others fall apart, and still others seem to thrive and grow as the years go on. The Two Truths About Love is a guide to creating this third type of relationship—an extraordinary partnership wherein each partner feels fully accepted and loved as they are. Designed over the course of thousands of hours conducting face-to-face counseling sessions with clients, psychotherapist and former Buddhist monk Jason B. Fischer’s unique approach has already improved the lives of countless individuals and couples. Jason B. Fischer, MA, LPC, is a licensed psychotherapist who has a thriving counseling practice in Austin, TX. He is the clinical director and owner of Plumeria Counseling Center, a facility comprised of over thirty mental health professionals, which he opened in October 2009. He additionally spent an intensive period of time as a fully ordained Theravadin Buddhist monk, before reentering conventional society to “walk the middle path.” Sabrina Kindell MA, LMFT-S, LPC-S, is a dual licensed Marriage and Family Therapist and Professional Counseling Supervisor. She specializes in family dynamics, parenting and partnering. She has been in an extraordinary relationship with her husband for over twenty-five years and has two grown children.

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