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Trailer Park: SXSW Film Day 7

By Richard Whittaker, March 13, 2014, 8:51am, SXSW

With the clock ticking down on South by Southwest Film, it's getting harder to make sure you're filling your dance card in right. So for any of you documentary lovers out there, we're got a day of them right here in … the Trailer Park.

That Guy Dick Miller

Documentary Spotlight
Thursday, March 13, 9:30pm, Marchesa

Ever seen a film and gone, "Oh, it's that guy who was in that thing and that thing, and the other one?" You're probably talking about Dick Miller, the ultimate supporting character actor. Miller was born to play the blue collar guy who gets one great moment (there's a joke that Harry Dean Stanton's part as the wise old janitor in The Avengers should have been called Mr Miller). Finally this documentary from Elijah Drenner (American Grindhouse) puts him center stage in a film our review said "is at its best when it allows the Miller and his wife Lainie talk."

Doc of the Dead

Documentary Spotlight
Thursday, March 12, 11:15am, Alamo Ritz 2

Alexandre O. Philippe (The People Vs. George Lucas) dissects the modern obsession with zombies, and how a fantasy monster that barely existed 60 years ago is now as globally ubiquitous as vampires, ghosts, and werewolves (you can read our review here).

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