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sxswf: Trailer Park Skips the Pond

By Kimberley Jones, March 13, 2011, 3:11am, SXSW

The British are coming! The British are … Yeah, no, they're already here. And we've got the trailers to prove it.

Headliners, North American Premiere
Sunday, March 13, 10pm, Paramount

Tonight's Paramount screening of Paul isn't a world premiere – the sci-fi comedy written by Nick Frost and Simon Pegg debuted in their native UK last month – but for American audiences at least, "It's probing time!" as the alien Paul (voiced by Seth Rogen) puts it.

Attack the Block
Midnighters, World Premiere
Sunday, March 13, midnight, Alamo Lamar A

More close encounters with alien lifeforms in Attack the Block, directed by Brit Joe Cornish (read our interview here) and exec produced by Edgar Wright (who is of course a longtime collaborator with Team Pegg & Frost –┬ásee Spaced, Shaun of the Dead, Hot Fuzz.

Charlie Casanova
Narrative Competition, World Premiere
Sunday, March 13, 7pm, State

Technically, this one's Irish – the first ever Irish film selected for SXSW's feature narrative competition, in fact. It also comes with an intriguing backstory: After the Irish Film Board rejected writer/director Terry McMahon's script, he posted to Facebook a 'help wanted' for cast, crew, and equipment; three weeks later the film was in production and was completed for under $1,000 Euros.

And don't forget Kill List, Ben Wheatley's hotly anticipated followup to Down Terrace. No trailer for this one; apparently there are some gotcha! twists, so they're keeping the movie tightly under wraps. That screens tonight, 11:30pm, at the Alamo Ritz.

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