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Help the Hell Marys

By Richard Whittaker, September 14, 2014, 8:00am, The Score

There's a cold corner in hell for people who steal from a fundraising event. It's safe to presume that stealing from the Texas Rollergirls' 2014 champions the Hell Marys makes that corner particularly frigid. Sadly, that's exactly what happened.

Last Sunday, the Hells were holding their annual pool tournament fundraiser at Slick Willie's. This is an important event: Every year every Texas Rollergirls' team spends a small fortune traveling for away bouts, or on equipment and gear. What not everyone may appreciate is that it all comes out of the skaters' own pockets. All the hours of practice and bouting, entertaining thousands of fans at the Austin Convention Center, helping young skaters get better, that's all strictly volunteer, all unpaid. Fundraisers like this are one way to take the edge off those costs.

Unfortunately, an unknown person took off with all the money that was raised and donated by the fundraiser. The venue had loaned the team a cash box for the day, and it was recovered empty after the theft.

This all seems particularly brutal, since the Hells are still running high after an astounding last-minute championship win over the seemingly unstoppable Hotrod Honeys.

Of course, none of this helps the Hells fill their coffers again, so they're accepting donations via their PayPal account.

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