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Powerslam Like a Woman

By Richard Whittaker, May 25, 2014, 9:00am, The Score

No divas. No knockouts. Tonight, Inspire Pro Wrestling puts the spotlight on its women wrestlers.

For the first time ever, the prestigious NWA Womens’ World Championship will be defended in an Inspire Pro ring, with reigning champion and Texas native Barbi Hayden facing the challenge of two time Shimmer tag team champ Portia Perez.

But this isn't just about the NWA title. At last month's event, No Room to Die, Paige Turner pummeled MissDiss Lexia into submission. Now the battling pair will be taking on the fearsome tag team of K.C. Warfield and the hard hitting Kat Green.

But even that match, with its personal high stakes between Paige and Lexia, will be overshadowed by the first semi-final in the hunt to become Inspire's first women's champion. Athena, Veda Scott, and Angelus Layne head into a three way dance for a shot at holding the newly-cast XX belt. But with the volatile Jessica James making her first appearance since her recent tour of Japan, expect her – or her vicious alter ego, Lady Poison – to make a statement.

The women won't be the only ones bloodying up the ring. In a packed card, there's bound to be sparks and bruises in a three way championship bout as Inspire revives the glory and excitement of the legendary cruiserweight J-Crown, one of wrestling's greatest legacies. Also expect Japanese Strong-style and true respect when everyone's favorite underdog JoJo Bravo faces his former tag partner Tadasuke (that's if JoJo's new combined nemeses of Jorden Jensen and Andy Dalton can stay out of their way.)

Not satisfied? Let's just say that we're hearing there will be a huge announcement that will change the face of Inspire (and the faces you'll see in it) forever, as Austin's newest promotion explodes into a new era.

Don't worry, you can just DVR Total Divas. It'll wait. This won't.

Inspire Pro Wrestling presents In Their Blood, Marchesa Theater and Hall, 6406 N. I-35. May 25. Doors 5.30pm; First bell, 6pm.

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