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Sinnerfold Delivers a Whammy

By Richard Whittaker, January 23, 2013, 4:45pm, The Score

When you've earned it, you've earned it. At the Texas Rollergirls 2012 Whammy Awards last weekend, Sinnerfold took some of the biggest prizes: Most improved, unsung hero, skater of the year and Ms. Texas Rollergirl.

The Whammies are a night to celebrate everything that makes the Texas Rollergirls what they are: This year's awards, given out on Jan. 19, continued that tradition. And, honest to say, it would be hard to think of many people that more embody the 'by the skaters, for the skaters' ethos that symbolizes the league at its best. Aside from working her ass off to help the Hell Marys become the 2012 champions, Sinnerfold (aka Aimee Blase of Blase Design) has worked hard behind the scenes as chief communications officer to create a PR offensive and publicity campaign that the ever-growing league deserves.

The night also included a special and well-deserved tribute to Punk Rock Phil and Dagger Deb, the winningest and arguably most respected coaches in the history of the sport. Not just the Texas league, but the sport. Aside from all the titles they have helped teams win, and all the skaters they have helped reach their potential, they proved one thing that has shaped Roller Derby: The right coach can make all the difference. But, with their trademark humility, Phil put it all on the skaters.

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League Awards

Jammer of the Year: Killbox
Blocker of the Year: Polly Gone
Pivot of the Year: Luce Bandit
League MVP: Killbox
Rookie of the Year: Flash Gorgeous
Most Improved: Sinnerfold
Ms. Texas Rollergirl: Sinnerfold
Texas Rollergirls Awards:
Best Assets: Ruby Wring
Most True to Name: Booty Queen
Camera Hog: Muffin Tumble
Best Team Intro: (TIE) Hustlers’ Price Is Right, Heartbreakers “Flags and Dancers”
Best Volunteer: (TIE) Big Tom, Electra Blu, Killer Crouton
Official You Love to Hate and Hate to Love: Quicksilver
Unsung Hero: Sinnerfold
Best Afterparty Costume: Acute Angel
Life of the Afterparty: Baby Face Assassin
Best Take Out: Me Shove You Long Time

Fan Favorite Awards

Favorite Texas Rollergirl (on or off the track): Smarty Pants
Fiercest on the track: Polly Gone
Favorite DJ: DJ Ed
Favorite Halftime Show: Austin Derby Brats
Golden Mic (Favorite announcer): Chip Queso
Shutterbug Award (Favorite photographer): Jennifer Ramos

Hell Marys

Best Jammer: Smarty Pants
Best Pivot: Luce Bandit
Best Blocker: Polly Gone
Most Valuable Player: Smarty Pants
Most Valuable Spirit: Muffin Tumble
Captain’s Choice: Babyface Assassin

Honky Tonk Heartbreakers

Best Jammer: KillBox
Best Pivot: Ruby Wring
Best Blocker: Desi Cration
MVP: KillBox
Most Valuable Spirit: Yellow Die
Captain’s Choice: Yellow Die

Hotrod Honeys

Best Jammer: Hauss The Boss
Best Pivot: Lucille Brawl
Best Blocker: Olympia
MVP: Vicious Van GoGo
Most Valuable Spirit: RadioActive
Captain’s Choice: RadioActive


Best Jammer: The Killa Sal Monella
Best Pivot: Babe Ruthless
Best Blocker: Belle Starr
MVP: The Killa Sal Monella
Most Valuable Spirit: Me Shove You Long Time
Captain’s Choice: Sprawkett


Best Jammer: Killbox
Best Pivot: Barbara Ambush
Best Blocker: Polly Gone
MVP: Killbox
Most Valuable Spirit: Ruby Wring
Captain’s Choice: Bloody Mary

DerbyLove Awards

Unsung Hero: Sinnerfold
Skater of the Year: Sinnerfold
DerbyLove Special Award: Judge Knot

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