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Austin Sommelier Runs Second Marathon of Triple Crown of Racing in NYC

By Natalia Angulo, November 8, 2010, 4:08pm, The Score

Completing one marathon is often enough of an accomplishment for many runners. But how about four marathons in under a year, and two in less than 30 days? Austin local and Texas State alum Edward Morgan is doing just that.

When he crossed the finish line of the ING New York City Marathon, Morgan was two-thirds of the way to his goal of completing the triple crown of running: Chicago, New York, and Boston.

Less than 30 days ago, he raced in the Bank of America Chicago Marathon, where he qualified for the John Hancock Boston Marathon next April with a time of 3:06:24. Chicago was his first competition outside of the Austin circuit. He’s run the Statesman Cap-10 twice, once wearing a luchador mask.

Morgan, a 31-year-old sommelier who works at Westwood’s in Rollingwood and has the build of a lean wide receiver, got into the marathon circuit only four years ago. Now his goal is to run one marathon on every continent. After the U.S. races, he hits the Europe continent with Berlin next September.

The New York City Marathon, sponsored by ING financial group, draws more than 30,000 entrants from all over the world chosen mainly by a lottery system. Marathoners run with purpose, raising money and awareness for teams and charities. Morgan represented Texas Beef Council – a nonprofit organization that markets beef products – because in a climate of heightened health consciousness people will look to those who are pushing their bodies to the absolute limit about what to eat, and he will say beef.

It was a cool 43 degrees and the sky was clear in New York at 9:45am when Morgan, who ran in the first wave of runners, got in the shoot. His bid number, 17206, that was pinned to his jersey flickered with the brusque breeze. His mother, Rita Gould, and younger brother, Chris Peterson, waved “Edward <3’s running!” posters; they plan to follow him from Austin to every race, even Berlin.

By race time Morgan had been up for a good four hours prepping for the race, all a part of his meticulously outlined training guide he and his coach, Amy Anderson, put together, which covered everything from his running schedule to timed energy gel intakes during the race and the 15 minutes cooling down after the race.

He began a disciplined training regimen in early June, sometimes dialing in up to 65 miles a week. Morgan runs with Austin Rogue Running Team under coach Anderson, who also ran in New York and will run in Boston.

He often quotes Anderson’s words of wisdom, “Never underestimate the magic of race day,” when talking about the challenging race schedule he has ahead of him. That, and the new pair of socks he tucks into his Saucony Omni 8 tennis shoes on the eve of each marathon to wear in the race so he’ll be “fresh for the fight.”

Morgan actually likes to run. “I never thought I’d use the words 10 miles and easy in the same sentence, but after many a run in Town Lake working out my problems, it’s just that: 10 miles are easy.”

When he crossed the finish line in Central Park, his mother said, “Another Boston qualifier time! And he said he was going to take it easy for this one. That’s Edward for you!” Morgan came in at a 3:09:44 in New York. He’s aiming for under three hours in Boston.

Still energetic as he met up with his family, he said that, “Unless you run a marathon, you will never understand the exquisite pain of coming into the shoot after pounding the pavement for 26.2 miles. It never gets old, it only gets sweeter!”

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