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Texas, Big 12 Are Together Forever (At Least For Now)

By Joe O'Connell, June 15, 2010, 2:07pm, The Score

Dear Big 12,

That stuff we were saying about leaving you? Nevermind. You're beautiful and we adore you. It was just a crazy bender. Sure we lost Nebraska and Colorado, but we’re sticking this through.

As our University of Texas President William Powers Jr. said so well today: “We believe this decision is in the best interest of our student-athletes, coaches and university constituencies. We are pleased to continue the traditions we have developed with our partners in the Big 12. We are in this 10-team conference for the long-term.” Now if that isn’t a commitment, I don’t know what is!

The Aggies had that wild fling with the SEC, but whose head isn’t turned by those sassy Southern girls? We all just drank too much of the TV payola juice. I know you’re going to pay us all handsomely. Did I mention how beautiful you are? You’re nothing like my old wife, the late Southwest Conference. You really care and you show me with cold hard cash. By the way, I’d sure like to know more about having my own TV network. That would be a sweet coming-home present.

Yes, California has its allure. I will not deny it. It’s so sunny and everything. But would I really leave you for the Pac-10, a conference led by that renegade (but dreamy) USC? Not until Pete Carroll comes back to town and cleans up his NCAA sanctions mess, I won’t. Ur, I would never even think about it, dear. Never again. Not this year at least.

Now let’s make up and talk about expansion. TCU is growing into an impressive program, for instance. Come over here and give you widdle-biddy Longhorns a big hug. And about that TV network …

Love forever and ever,
The University of Texas

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