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Whammy Round-Up

By Richard Whittaker, January 18, 2010, 2:23pm, The Score

With their 2010 season a little over a month away, the Texas Rollergirls put the skates to one side in favor of their dancing shoes for the annual Whammy Awards.

With a Murder on the Orient Express theme, there was more than a hint of old world glamor about the evening at Donn's Depot. As the As always, there was a hint of sadness and change about the awards. With the number of retirees (13 in total), several intraleague transfers and a handful departures to other leagues, it was sometimes hard to keep track of who was where, and who is with which team now. Official league class clown Belle Starr even had two dresses – a suitably country outfit for her old team, the Honky Tonk Heartbreakers, and a sparkly purple number for the Hustlers.

While the evening was about last year's performance, there were also some signs of the future. Rookie The Angie-Christ made her mark with four awards, Dilla seemed ubiquitous, and the astounding Olivia Shootin' John pushed past some serious competition to take the trifecta of best jammer for her team (the Honky Tonk Heartbreakers), for the touring Texecutioners and for the whole league.

Full results below:

Hell Marys
Jammer: Bloody Mary
Pivot: Lady X-Treme
Blocker: Ryder Down
MVP: The Angie-Christ
Team Spirit: Muffin Tumble
Captain's Choice: Slaughter Melon

Honky Tonk Heartbreakers
Jammer: Olivia Shootin' John
Pivot: Friction VixXxen
Blocker: Belle Starr
MVP: Desi Cration
Team Spirit: Yellow Dye
Captain's Choice: Ruby Wring
Special Award: Bettie Rage

Jammer: Molotov M. Pale
Pivot: Bullet Tooth Tracy
Blocker: Curvette
MVP: Bullet Tooth Tracy
Team Spirit: Cheap Trixie
Captain's Choice: Jule Regretit

Hotrod Honeys
Jammer: Rice Rocket
Pivot: Cat Tastrophe
Blocker: Rice Rocket
MVP: Rice Rocket
Team Spirit: Radio Active
Captain's Choice: Lucille Brawl

Jammer: Olivia Shootin' John
Pivot: Bullet Tooth Tracy
Blocker: Desi Cration
MVP: Lucille Brawl
Team Spirit: Bullet Tooth Tracy, Crackerjack, Dilla, Vicious van GoGo
Captain's Choice: Kat A Killzem

Jammer: Olivia Shootin' John
Pivot: Bullet Tooth Tracy
Blocker: Desi Cration
MVP: Rice Rocket
Miss Texas Rollergirl: Electra Blu

Non-Skating Awards
#1 Fan: Big Tom
League Class Clown: Belle Starr
Best Rookie: The Angie-Christ
Best Dressed: Bettie Rage and Dilla
Best Assets: The Angie-Christ
Most True to her Name: Crackerjack
Game Face: Crackerjack
League Dustmop: Barbarella
Most Improved: The Angie-Christ
Most Feared: Bullet Tooth Tracy
Best Legs: Smash Hit
Dancer Not Human: Dilla
Life of the Party: Dilla
Weight of the World: Dilla

Fan Awards
Favorite Rollergirl: Desi Cration
Fiercest of the Track: Desi Cration
Hottest of the Hot: Cat Tastrophe
DJ: Sedonya Face and Gromit
Band: Amplified Heat
Announcer: Koolaid

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