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Will Vince Young Miss His First Game Ever? We'll Find Out Sunday.

By Mark Fagan, October 18, 2007, 4:34pm, The Score

The less said about Houston's loss to the Jaguars last week the better. Good news is the Texans are 3-3, bad news is that they are in toughest division in the NFL where a 3-3 record lands them in the cellar. The Titans (3-2) were defeated last week as well (13-10 to Tampa Bay), with Vince Young suffering a quadriceps injury in the third quarter. VY has yet to miss a game due to injury, ever. He certainly doesn't want to miss this game in his hometown of Houston, especially after his game-winning overtime 39-yard run in last year's H-town matchup that Texans players are not soon to forget. With Kerry Collins as his backup, the Titans have their fingers crossed that VY will be healthy enough to play at Reliant this Sunday at noon (catch the game on KEYE). There currently is not a spread on this game due VY's day-to-day status, but I'd have to guess the Titans would be a couple-point favorite with VY playing and the Texans would a couple-point favorite with Collins as their starting QB.

My prediction is that the Texans will lose no matter who the Titans play behind center. With a nonexistent running game and the absence of their best player, Andre Johnson, Houston is going to have a hard time moving the ball against the Titans tough D. The best thing the Texans have going for them is QB Matt Schaub who'll need a big game on Sunday for Houston to have a chance. But what do I know? John McClain is picking the Texans to win and that dude knows a thing or two about the NFL.

I received the following comment on my Texans blog last week about KEYE choosing to broadcast the Houston game over the Titans: "you stink, Now I can't watch VY this week. Thanks a lot." I feel your pain, "guest." It hurts when your favorite team/player is only viewable at the local sports bar (unless you have the NFL package, which myself and none of my friends have). Tell you what, we'll trade you Matt Schaub for VY straight up and then everybody will be happy – at least here in the ATX. We'll even throw in a few screwed-and-chopped CDs to sweeten the deal.

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