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Enjoying the Basketball Game?

By Lee Nichols, February 20, 2007, 8:35pm, The Score

I'm not. In a monumental programming screwup, the Longhorns vs. Texas Tech men's game is not being shown right now. I have Time Warner Cable, and I just get a message for the 8-9pm time slot saying, "FCC rules prevent Time Warner from carrying the CW network from KCWX-TV. CW network programming is available on KNVA-TV, cable channel 12."

But the game isn't part of CW programming. It is on ESPN+. Channel 12 is showing CW programming: Veronica Mars. So why can't I see my basketball game? Is anyone who subscribes to Grande having this problem? I can't get through to Time Warner – nothing but a busy signal. I don't know whose fault this is, but this is idiotic.

Thankfully, the game isn't even close right now. If it were, I'd be really pissed. I finally got through to TW Cable, and may I just say their customer-service phone line is not the least bit helpful? If you can figure out where to complain about programming issues, then you're smarter at navigating phone systems than I. Their listings do show the game being shown 9-10pm. Great, so I get to see the second half?

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