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Battledecks II: It's On
Poetry slams and rap battles are soooo OS9. All the cool kids are throwin' down with battledecks, the hardest version of a Powerpoint presentation ever. Competitors have five minutes to put together a presentation to a series of random slides. And random means screengrabs of Digg, scaleable horses, charts of pudding versus skin, and massive Amy Winehouses. The results are judged on conviction, jargon, interpretive dance, Husker Du references and how disgusting your fund is.

SXSW regional Battledecks champion Anil Dash of Six Apart Ltd. put his success down to "Passion. No, I like to have a good time and I'm pretty comfortable with crowds." He also, he admitted, got lucky with the slides, saying, "I thought there would be a Winehouse, and I was thinking a lot about what I would do if she turned up." But he puts his final victory down to a brief video clip of Rick Astley. This would have thrown a lesser battler, but not Dash. "Throw in a Rick Roll and you can't go wrong, that's just magic in a box."

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Wiki Communities Never Sleep
Down at the Edit Me! How Gamers are Adopting the Wiki Way panel: The big question. Why do people wiki?

After all, for games this used to be the stuff of expensive printed game guides (official and unofficial) done for profit. Angelique Shelton of Wikia Inc. uses the basketball analogy: "Have you ever played ball in the street? Well, there's people in the NBA who get paid to do that."

NCSoft community manager April Burba has a pretty good idea who these volunteer encyclopedia builders are: "The users of wikis are people that are into producing documentation." They serve a double purpose for developers: not only do they keep the discussion going and get more people involved, they keep players playing.

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Exclusive SXSWI interview: Tim Langdell
"You have to collaborate in development." That's the simple message from Tim Langdell (appearing as a SXSW Interactive panelist at Redrum in the Rue Morgue': Collaboration in International Communities, Saturday at 3:30pm in room 6 at the Austin Convention Center). He should know. He's helped build the industry for three decades.

"I'm incredibly interested and excited by the direction the game industry is taking," said Langdell, "which is back to the vibe of the early 80s, for the independent game developer to have a voice." Co-founder in 1979 of UK-based EDGE Games (one of the world's oldest computer games firms and for many years effectively SEGA and EA's European divisions), Langdell also helped establish the Academy of Interactive Arts and Sciences, and wrote and taught the first games entertainment curriculum for USC film school. He's now head of the videogaming department at National University in California, the first academic institution in the US to offer an MFA in videogame production. Increasingly, his interests have turned towards building collaboration into games and game development.

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Turn Off, Tune Out, Drop Into the Unwired Place
I've always been fascinated by the left-field ascent of a trend, a movement, even just a turn of phrase, as when snark … the word … went from non sequitur to ubiquity to backlash in the blink of an eye, or when that Hasidic reggae rapper starting popping up everywhere. And while we're at it … there's the increase in the arbitrary insertion of a period to create a sort of oh-so-clever stopgap, followed by a sentence fragment.

Which totally drives me crazy.

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Gamecock Media Throws SXSW Party No. 1
Start the tally.

Not that it's a contest or anything, but put one notch on my party belt. Local video-game publisher Gamecock Media hosted their second annual EIEIO pre-SXSW party. Low temps and turnout made for a less than crazy party vibe, but it wasn't for lack of trying on Gamecock's part.

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Quentin Tarantino's Beloved Body Snatcher From Hell
According to his giddy, thoroughly contagious, prescreening happyrant, Zack Carlson, mad genius programmer for the Alamo Ritz's free, weekly "Terror Thursdays" midnight shock-show screenings, "the best Japanese horror movie ever made, ever, period" screened last night to a packed house of curious, wind-whipped-but-pleasantly-blotto film fans. And wouldn't you know? You missed it! (Not to worry. It shows up on TCM at 4 in the morning from time to time.)

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Make Art, Learn About Mosaics
In conjunction with the SXSW screening of In a Dream, a doc about Philadelphia mosaic artists Isaiah and Julia Zagar directed by son Jeremiah, Isaiah will be building a free, large-scale mosaic piece in downtown Austin March 6-10. Isaiah's looking for 10 to 20 volunteers to assist with the project – no experience necessary. For more, go here.

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Gold Star
Maybe you read about Heather Gold in last week's Interactive issue and ever since you've been wondering what she meant by that whole revolutionizing-the-talk-show-idea. Well, then, just maybe this is your lucky day: Heather will be hosting a special broadcast of the The Heather Gold Show – titled "Opting Out" – on Monday, March 10, at Scholz Bier Garten (1607 San Jacinto) at 8pm.

On the proverbial couch are Evan Williams, Nick Douglas, Jane McGonigal, Ben Brown, and Jonathan Coulton. The night is free for badgeholders. Don't have a badge? You can check out her show online here.

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Texas State Capitol Hosts Special Hearing on Death Penalty
In this, our trigger-happy state, it makes sense that At the Death House Door – an exploration of the death penalty through the eyes of Rev. Carroll Pickett, a former death-row chaplain, now an anti-death penalty advocate – will have its world premiere at SXSW. But the filmmakers Steve James and Peter Gilbert (Hoop Dreams, Stevie) want to get you talking now.

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