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Paramount Has Your Dollar Theatre Beat

By Monica Riese, January 14, 2014, 2:34pm, Picture in Picture

These days, moviegoing can cost an arm and a leg. Between the tickets, the popcorn, the drinks, and the obligatory box of Junior Mints, you're looking at a sizeable chunk of your paycheck gone in a matter of minutes. Remember the good old days, when that'd only run you $20?

What about the really good, really old days of five-cent tickets?

The Paramount Theatre is tapping into the economy of yesteryear with the opening night party for its forthcoming Paramount100 series, a four-month journey through the first century of the silver screen. For its first evening, the theatre transforms into a nickelodeon during Early Silent Cinema: The Nickelodeon Years. Patrons can take in shorts by Edison and Lumière, A Trip to the Moon, The Great Train Robbery, D.W. Griffith shorts, and more for a mere nickel.

“With this series, we’re hoping to recreate all the intriguing and illuminating aspects of a Film 101 course without all the tedious parts, a little bit educational and a whole lot of fun,” said programmer Stephen Jannise in a press release. “I’m looking forward to the conversations we’ll all have as we make this journey through film history together.”

The rest of the lineup for part one is available now (and includes a sizable gap in March to accommodate South by Southwest screenings); come April, the theatre will shift into the 1930s and the era of talkies, and part two will share the space with the Summer Classic Film Series. Badges are available now for $99 ($84 for Film Fan members) from

Intolerance (1916, D: D.W. Griffith): Wednesday, Feb. 5, 7pm, Stateside
"The Kid" (1921, D: Charlie Chaplin) and Safety Last! (1923, D: Fred Newmeyer and Sam Taylor): Wednesday, Feb. 12, 7pm, Paramount (double feature)
Nosferatu (1922, D: F.W. Murnau) and The Phantom of the Opera (1925, D: Rupert Julian): Wednesday, Feb. 19, 7pm, Stateside (double feature)
"Sherlock, Jr." (1924, D: Buster Keaton) and The General (1926, D: Clyde Bruckman and Buster Keaton): Thursday, Feb. 27, 7pm, Paramount (double feature)
The Thief of Bagdad (1924, D: Raoul Walsh): Tuesday, March 4, 7pm, Stateside
"Un Chien Andalou" (1929, D: Luis Buñuel) and Battleship Potemkin (1925, D: Sergei Eisenstein): Wednesday, March 26, 7pm, Paramount
Metropolis (1927, D: Fritz Lang): Wednesday, April 2, 7pm, Stateside

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