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Fantastic Arcade Awards Announced

By James Renovitch, September 22, 2013, 7:19pm, Picture in Picture

With a long history of absurdist awards for their showcase games, the Fantastic Arcade didn’t disappoint. And the winners are …

Breakin’ 3 Electric Barbecue Award: Q.E.D. by Stephen Ascher
What is Goblet Grotto Even About Award: Goblet Grotto by Stephen Gillmurphy & Kat Chastain
[Air Horn Sound] Award: Samurai Gunn by Beau Blyth
Throne of Blood Award for Most Arrow Kills: TowerFall by Matt Thorson
Trapper Keeper Design Award for Preservation of Neon Grids in Space: Starwhal: Just the Tip by Jason Nuyens
[Goblin-esque Growl Sound] Award: Wasteland Kings by Vlambeer
First & Last Day on the Job Award: No Brakes Valet by Justin Smith
Audio/Planetary Genesis Award: Panoramical by Fernando Remallo & David Kanaga

Gamemaking Frenzy Award (made in 72 hours): Starphonix by George Royer & Damien Di Fede (You can play that game online right now.)

Audience Award: Samurai Gunn
Most Fantastic Award: Samurai Gunn

This is the first year the same game has won both the audience and critics awards at the Arcade. It was hard to argue when immediately following the awards, and with about an hour to burn the audience demanded to play more Samurai Gunn on the big screen. It looks a little something like this:

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