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Kickstart Your Weekend With the 'Intramural' Team

By Monica Riese, August 9, 2013, 2:02pm, Picture in Picture

Texans know epic sport stories.

From football features to Roller Derby diaries, we've see 'em all, but they all have a few very important things in common: dramatic lighting, pristine slow-motion shots, and one totally rad soundtrack.

So when the filmmakers behind The Spirit Molecule and "The Man Who Never Cried" set to work on Intramural, they were pretty pleased with their cast – including folks from Battlestar Galactica, Saturday Night Live, The Office, and Much Ado About Nothing – and proud of their concept – "a hilarious sendup of inspirational sports movies replete with epic training montages, over the top motivational speeches and bone crunching tackles" – but they knew they'd have to get those other three components.

Enter this Kickstarter campaign.

"The epic sports movie … for guys who don't deserve one" is trying to raise $50,000 for specialty camera and lighting equipment and an Eighties-style pop icon who may or may not be Peter Cetera. They're offering backers everything from warm fuzzies and thanks in the credit to invites to the premiere and roles as extras, and they're just over halfway there; with 11 days to go, the war chest is sitting at $27,791.

So check out the pitch video from director Andrew Disney and writer/healthy dude Bradley Jackson below, and then head over to the campaign page to join the team. (It's the only time we can guarantee you'll never be picked last.)

Kickstart Your Weekend is a series intended to showcase Texas film and tech projects that are crowdfunding their way to a goal, be it distribution, a prototype, or production costs. If you have a project that we should know about, email us at

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