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Chef du Cinema Presents 'American Graffiti'

By Joey Keeton, April 3, 2013, 12:41pm, Picture in Picture

Chef du Cinema, aka Ron Deutsch, makes me wish that I were dating somebody. And had money.

If you happen to have the relationship/money combo, or are just extremely into food and/or American Graffiti – George Lucas' nostalgic classic from 1973 about a group of kids on their last night before college in 1962 – you'd be doing yourself a favor to check out Deutsch's presentation of the two at Central Market this Saturday, April 6.

The word "unique" has a tendency to be tossed around all too haphazardly in the entertainment industry, but when somebody's résumé includes concert engineer for the Dead Kennedys, 10 years as a screenwriter and story analyst, documentary filmmaker, journalist, and renowned chef, I feel relatively safe in using it. Ron Deutsch, and his cooking class, are unique.

Deutsch will kick things off by preparing a classically 'Merican three-course meal, taking such home-cooked favorites as a meat loaf sandwich, salad, and french fries and giving them the gourmet treatment that you, in turn, can serve up the next time you need to produce amazing food for somebody. While preparing the food, he'll also provide an in-depth discussion on Graffiti before serving the completed meal and screening the film. If that's not enough to get you interested, consider this menu item: bourbon-root beer & vanilla swirl ice cream." Not only is cinema being combined with food, but whiskey is being combined with root beer.

See what I mean? This thing is at least in the top five date night ideas in existence. Tickets will set you back $50 each, but that includes two glasses of wine or beer, the movie, and the meal, which is a pretty stellar deal for a movie night with a personal chef.

Chef du Cinema Ron Deutsch presents American Graffiti at the Central Market North Lamar (4001 N. Lamar) on Saturday, April 6, 6:30pm. Reservations required; at the time of this posting, 12 spots remained.

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