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By James Renovitch, April 1, 2013, 10:00am, Picture in Picture

Local developers have been hitting the game-conference circuit these past weeks, but that hasn't stopped them from dropping info on new and future releases.

The slightly imbalanced team of Twisted Pixel might be busy promoting their upcoming title, LocoCycle, but they're clearly multitasking. They revealed Freddy Rodriguez of Grindhouse fame will be voicing the nonmotorized character in their game. If that weren't enough, they released their first app: a port of fan favorite, Ms. Splosion Man, to iPhones and iPads. That's 50 levels of girl-powered Splodin', so make sure your fingers are ready for some touchscreen intensity. Additionally, Twisted Pixel announced their Twisted Bundle consisting of the four titles they've made for Xbox Live. This includes Ms. Splosion Man and its predecessor Splosion Man along with The Maw and Comic Jumper. No word yet on a date or price for the promotion, but if you haven't been introduced to the warped sensibilities of Twisted Pixel, this might be a good chance to catch up.

Game-sound experimentalist Robin Arnott is approaching the final days of his Kickstarter campaign for SoundSelf, which he has been showing off at PAX in Boston and San Francisco's Game Developers Conference. It's an interactive chanting game that uses your voice and feedback loops to create sound and imagery and hopefully put the "player" in a euphoric state of some sort. We expect nothing less strange or awesome from the guy who brought us Deep Sea. You can even download a demo of SoundSelf before agreeing to fund it. No-risk Kickstarting. What more can you ask for?

Local Rusty Moyher and his two compatriots in masochistic game deadlines released their second of six games as part of the Retro Game Crunch. The endeavor was Kickstarted last year and continues with its insane schedule of making a game a month with a theme chosen by the public. The most recent game, GAIAttack is available on the Retro Game Crunch website. According to the website, this game kinda fell apart at the last minute and they scrambled to make something fun and playable. Versions of the RGC games made in 72 hours are available on their website with the finished products going to the endeavor's backers. Check out GAIAttack and their previously crunched, End of the Line, before another game is loosed on the Internet.

Game producer and distributor Devolver Digital has expanded its reach into film. Find out more about that in this week's article on the subject.

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