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Movie Rights to Ernie Cline's 'Armada' Sold

By James Renovitch, December 6, 2012, 5:09pm, Picture in Picture

It's not like the guy needs another Delorean, but the feature film rights to Ernie Cline's upcoming novel, Armada, have already been sold to Universal Pictures to the tune of at least a million dollars according to Variety.

He's quite possibly the lord of the geeks here in Austin as we discovered when interviewing him in 2011. His last novel, Ready Player One, didn't do too shabby either and was itself optioned to be adapted into a movie after a fierce bidding war among production studios.

All of the industry details can be found on Variety's original post; currently the only plot description being reported is of "a high-concept hook that offers the ultimate wish fulfillment to every video game fan on the planet."

If you want to meet the man and his badass automobile in person, Cline is participating in the upcoming Nerd Nite (naturally) this Wednesday, 7:30pm, at the ND (501 N. I-35). Afterward, you can judge for yourself whether or not money changes a man.

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