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Chaos in ATX Festival!

By Marc Savlov, June 1, 2012, 7:17pm, Picture in Picture

As you're probably aware from all the crusty punks and Mike TeaVee types in your field of vision, we've got two ridiculously unmissable festivals in town this weekend. You could call it "the vast wasteland" versus "the vast wasted-land," but honestly, there's no need to take sides.

To paraphrase Kevin Seconds, "If we can rock together, why can't we watch together?"

With the first annual television-themed ATX Fest headquartered at the Stephen F. Austin Hotel and the loud 'n' proud, punk rock screamathon Chaos in Tejas taking over the streets (literally), it pays to remember that these two longstanding pop-cultural phenoms have been knockin' the metaphorical Doc Marten's for going on 30 years now.

A few of the more infamous and/or amusing examples include the legendary 1982 punk rock episode of Quincy, M.E. (starring the late, great Jack Klugman as a pre-C.S.I. forensic sleuth), L.A.-based first-wave punks FEAR's literally riotous Halloween '81 performance on Saturday Night Live (with a very young Minor Threat/Fugazi/Dischord founderIan Ian MacKaye front and center in the out-of-control circle pit), and, of course Space Ghost's endearing chat with Bjork. (And before anyone calls foul on that last one, let's not forget the Iceland Queen started off her career on Crass Records.)

So whether you're glued to the glass teat this weekend or slamming Strongbows 'n' skinheads in the pit at Red 7, this party's for you. Take it, Henry Rollins:

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