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Bigger, Better, Older

By James Renovitch, May 15, 2012, 11:14am, Picture in Picture

I'll admit, when I interviewed the owner of Game Over Videogames, David Kaelin, back in 2006 I wasn't sold on the store's profitability even if I was rooting for him. Over the years, and much to my happiness, he has proven me wrong repeatedly. He's expanded to Round Rock, San Antonio, and Houston, and now is planning two more stores and an expansion.

Where are these stores going to be? One will be on the increasingly cool South Austin strip and another in San Marcos (a land that is still kinda mysterious to me). What this means is you won't have to drive as far to get those Turbografx-16 games or a replacement for the Power Glove you broke when you used it to complete your Robocop costume. The flagship store in North Austin will expand yet again making even more room for their annual Classic Game Fest. The South Austin location will have an art gallery where local game-inspired artists can display their work on consignment.

Congrats to Kaelin for his success and for reminding me that I should never own a business.

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