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You're Going to Get Red On You...

By Marc Savlov, February 22, 2012, 11:42am, Picture in Picture

Before SXSW engulfs and devours us all, horror hounds and goregasm gals can derive sticky crimson sustenance from tomorrow's "Murder Night," the first meeting of the recently incarnated "Horror Social Group" Blood Over Texas.

The brainchild of Dolls from the Crypt's founder Bunny Voodoo, Blood Over Texas seeks to serve Austin's vast horror-oriented underground with regular meet-ups, an online presence/Texas horror biz aggregator accessible to creepy folk all over the Lone Scar State, and a veritable viscera-vomiting Nunsploitation-load more.

What with the issuing of membership cards, BoT logo'ed T-shirts and merch, special deals on horror-related product at, say, The Museum of the Weird, and similar ooky outlets, Blood Over Texas hearkens back to the pre-jerkwad Glenn Danzig's legendary Misfits Fiend Club as well as similar dues-paying outfits such as Creepy and Eerie magazines' own highly stylized fan clubs and the great granddeady of them all, E.C. Comics legendary E.C. Fan-Addict Club.

For her part, Voodoo just wants to create a kiss-kiss/kill-kill community of the damned, so to speak, from what is currently a highly fractious and relatively higgledy piggledy state of affairs amongst the various fans, filmmakers, Fantastic Festivalgoers, special EFX peeps, writers, musicians, and artists of all types who align their aesthetics with all things dead and buried (or undead and unburied), cinematic and otherwise.

Tomorrow's kickoff meeting/party/debauch at The Jackalope on Sixth Street promises a veritable bloodbath of hackles-raising horribleness, including murder ballads by Izzy Cox, horror movie screeings, a "murder photo booth" (implements of death not included), and assorted other ghastly doings. Be there or be dead, or, better yet, be both. And while you're at it, check out the official BoT website which goes live today.

Murder Night will be held Thurs, Feb 23, 9pm-close, at the Jackalope

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