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Man Cannot Live on Cinema Alone

By Marc Savlov, February 23, 2011, 12:03pm, Picture in Picture

One of our favorite foodie cineastes, Ron Deutsch, has garnered the attention of USA Today. (And we promise that's not as depressing as it sounds.)

The national daily recently ran a piece on "Oscar Party Foods" (other than booze and Red Bull) and sent a photog to one of Deutsch's Chef du Cinema classes at Central Market. An ongoing hybrid of Julia Child's The French Chef and Hollywood Babylon ("Save the liver!"), Deutsch and his haute cuisine team serve up film-themed, multi-course meals while dropping culinary science and the occasional paring knife, all to the accompaniment of whatever film Deutsch has decided to screen.

In this case, that meant delicious dishes culled from Audrey Hepburn's personal, and heretofore unpublished, recipe book and a screening of Alfred Hitch--er, Stanley Donen's classic Charade. Who knew Holly Golightly was into kippered herring? Eliza Doolittle, sure, but Holly Golightly? We always pegged her for more of a watercress-and-truffles tart.

"So the story goes like this," Deutsch blogged recently. "I had found three recipes in a biography of Audrey Hepburn, but it wasn’t enough for a whole class. But I really wanted to do this movie. I was thinking about it late one night, and sent an email to the official Audrey Hepburn website, explaining what I was doing and wondering, with the crazy notion, that whomever they were, might they know of an appetizer Ms. Hepburn enjoyed eating or making. The next day, I woke up and there was an email from her son, Sean Ferrer, with a recipe from his mother’s private home recipe book for a kippered herring salad. I was blown away. And now I had enough to base a whole class on. So, a very special thank you to Sean Hepburn Ferrer."

Read the full article here. Drool at your peril.

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