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This Week's Waste of Time

By James Renovitch, September 16, 2010, 5:34pm, Picture in Picture

Let me preamble this blog by saying I don't do drugs. No matter how cool drugs get – and I'll spend the majority of this blog proving they are cool – I don't take ’em. No sir. But I've found enough acid-induced art recently to call it a trend. For video games, it's Acid Couch, and it's this week's waste of time. Kids, let's take this trip together.

To prove this trend isn't a figment of my drugless imagination, allow for a few examples. Music to do drugs to is nothing new, there are a million examples of that, from trance to psychedelic rock to ambient soundscapes. (Let me use this time to recommend the big Fennesz show coming up at Emo's, Sept. 30. I'll be there. Sober.) See also the Justin Bieber audio and video remixes that are clearly made for blissing out to; whatever that means. Even Austin's monthly philanthropic house party, Hargrave Arcade, has a tripped out promo ad. However, Austin public access television was dosing with my favorite local show, Everything in Heaven Is TV, before that. Add the emergence of chillwave and keyboard fetishism among the hipsterati, and, ladies and gentlemen, we have a trend. You can almost taste the colors.

A previous Waste of Time explored the broken psyche of a drug-addled mind: It was appropriately called Evidence of Everything Exploding. You might want to check that out before your mind is blown by Acid Couch, an utterly frustrating experiment in barely controllable gaming anarchy. The goal? Get Anna to the top of the couch. Depending on how dilated your eye is, you can control Anna, otherwise, there will be some pulsing colors and atonal guitar freak-outs. Confused? That's apparently your brain on drugs. I wouldn't know.

Honestly, if you're on acid, I don't recommend you click on any of these links. Or any links whatsoever.

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