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'Spaced' Out

By Kimberley Jones, July 28, 2008, 3:35pm, Picture in Picture

During one of the four Q&A sessions at last night's Spaced Numb-a-thon at the Alamo Ritz, one fan asked Spaced co-creator and star Simon Pegg how it felt to have his very own action figure. Without missing a beat, he shot back, "pretty fucking cool" – and I think it's safe to say that the sold-out audience felt pretty much the same about the eight-hour-long event.

Fresh off a Comic-Con appearance (although "fresh" might not be the right word to use for the bleary-eyed star), Pegg and director Edgar Wright stayed for the entire marathon and helpfully translated some of the Britishisms. Case in point, not only did the pair explain bogling – "booty dance, like grinding" – they demonstrated it, too. (Pegg also re-enacted his sweet breakdance moves from the show, and Wright commanded the stage with a rock-star split.)

Co-creator Jessica Hynes was a no-show, though she did tape a greeting Sunday morning whilst waiting at the airport post-Comic-Con. (Minor tangent: Pegg said that at the convention, JJ Abrams showed him 3 minutes on his iPhone of the new Star Trek, and the quality of the footage, he said, "blew my nuts off.") And co-star Nick Frost, who stayed in England to prepare for his wedding next week, explained via a text to Pegg that "my future wife said she'd cut my balls off" had he chucked the wedding prep to attend the marathon.

Despite the lack of sleep (and looming 5am flight at Austin-Bergstrom), Pegg and Wright were enthusiastic, appreciative, and funny/filthy (including an extended riff on Driskill Hotel haunted porn). They pretty much put the kibosh on any hope for a third series or feature film of Spaced, although they did say they'd jokingly tossed around the idea of making a Phantom Menace-version – meaning an over-budgeted green-screened atrocity, with Wright tele-directing from his office and the hopes and dreams of fans everywhere shot to shit... So maybe it's best they gave us the two series – some of the best television ever – and left it at that.

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